Samsung’s next generation of smartphones is here with the flagship Galaxy S21 series! It may feel like it’s been a long time coming, with all the information we already know about the Galaxy S21 line, but now you can finally pre-order these devices and get ready to step into 2021 with a brand-new, shiny new smartphone. If you want the best that Samsung has to offer, there are already a few Galaxy S21 Ultra deals you can snap up to help save on your pre-order!

You may ask, which Galaxy S21 should I buy? Why exactly should I get the Galaxy S21 Ultra over the normal Galaxy S21, or the Galaxy S21 Plus? We have the answer — it all depends on your smartphone priorities! The Galaxy S21 Ultra is, of course, the high-end option of the S21 line, and it has a price tag to match at $1,200. We do however, have a guide to the Best Galaxy S21 and S21 Plus deals as well. A bigger price tag comes with high-quality features, though, including S Pen compatibility, quad rear-cameras, and a 120Hz refresh rate at a QHD+ resolution, a first for Samsung. There’s plenty to like about the Galaxy S21 Ultra!

Of course, if you know where to look, you may not have to pay that full price tag. We’ve rounded up all of the pre-order links and Galaxy S21 Ultra deals below, so here’s how you can save on your pre-order!

Unlocked Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra Deals

If you’re looking to pick up an unlocked Galaxy S21 Ultra, you can grab it directly from the Samsung Store, or go with Amazon or Best Buy.

Samsung Store

Did you reserve your Galaxy S21 Ultra from the Samsung Store? Congrats, because now you get to save $50 on accessories with your new phone! That’s not all, though! If you get in your pre-order before January 28, you’ll get $200 in pre-order credit. Finally, you’ll get free GalaxyTag with purchase! If you have a previous phone to trade-in, you can also save up to $700 by trading in your current or spare phone!

Finally, let’s not forget about the special made to order colors–Phantom Titanium, Phantom Navy, and Phantom Brown. These are only available at the Samsung Store!

    Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra
    Pre-order your Galaxy S21 Ultra before January 28 to get $200 in pre-order credit! You’ll also get a free GalaxyTag with purchase. If you reserved your pre-order, now’s the time to use your accessory credit too!

Best Buy

Looking to go to Best Buy? You can save big depending on what carrier you go with! You save $50 today for a Galaxy S21 Ultra, whether unlocked or with a carrier. You can save a lot more with an eligible trade-in, though… up to $800, in fact! You also get $200 in Samsung credit, and the free GalaxyTag.

    Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra
    Save up to $800 at Best Buy with an eligible trade-in! You’ll also get $200 in Samsung credit, and a free GalaxyTag


You can’t argue with the convenience of Amazon! While the massive retailer isn’t offering any deals on the Galaxy S21 Ultra right now, you do get the advantage of simple Release Day Shipping. If you have the Prime Rewards Visa, you can also sign up for an 18-month payment plan!

    Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra
    You won’t get any deals going with Amazon, but you will enjoy Release Day Shipping if you have Amazon Prime! Also, you can sign up for an 18-month payment plan if you have the Amazon Prime Rewards Visa.

Carrier Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra Deals

If you don’t mind your Galaxy S21 Ultra being locked to a carrier, you can get some great deals! You can go with Verizon or AT&T.


Verizon has tons of different deals to take advantage of! With the Galaxy S21 Ultra, you’ll want to take advantage of some savings, too. The deals all depends on if you’re switching to Verizon or upgrading to a new line, including:

  • Switch to Verizon to get $1,000 off Galaxy S21 Ultra with eligible trade-in
  • Otherwise, save up to $600 with an eligible trade-in
  • Buy a Galaxy S21 Ultra, get $1,000 off a second when you add a new line
  • 25% Galaxy S21 Ultra cases and screen protectors
  • 50% off Verizon charging accessories
  • Get $100 Verizon Dollars when signing up for a Verizon Visa card, plus $100 credit if you use it to pay your bill

For the Galaxy S21 Ultra, payment plans are either $49.99 for 24 months, or $39.99 for 30 months.

    Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra
    Whether you’re switching to Verizon or already a member, the carrier has all sorts of deals to take advantage of! Use trade-ins and other special pre-order promotions to get the price of the S21 Ultra down.


Both new and existing AT&T users can get up to $800 off the Galaxy S21 with an eligible trade-in. That’s a nice chunk off the price of the S21 Ultra! Also, you can save 50% on the purchase of the Galaxy Buds Pro with the purchase of any device (including, of course, the Galaxy S21 line).

    Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra
    If you’re part of AT&T, you can grab your S21 Ultra here! Save up to $800 with an eligible trade-in, and save 50% on the Galaxy Buds Pro.

Are you planning on grabbing the Galaxy S21 Ultra, or are you looking at the Galaxy S21 Plus or the normal model instead? Let us know in the comments! Also, don’t forget to grab a new pair of earbuds with the Galaxy Buds Pro!

    Galaxy Buds Pro
    Getting a Galaxy S21? Get some awesome new earbuds to go with your device!

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