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Minecraft bedrock world edit addon. You can use this addon in your server or singplayer world to edit your world more easy. Very usefull when making bigger changes. You can copy and paste things around your world or you can use tools to fill holes or make holes. I hope to release this addon as soon as possible but I first want to finish the whole addon before sharing the files.

Addon usage:

Currently you have to use 3 blocks.

1. Normal ice block (place in hotbar doesn’t matter)

2. Packed iceblock (place in hotbar doesn’t matter)

3. Blue iceblock (place in hotbar doesn’t matter)

Use the normal ice blocks to retrieve the positions. And use the packed iceblock to place the selected block.

Copying works almost the same. Select the positions wich the building is in and than use the blue iceblock to set the position to set the location where to paste it to.

Currently Experimental version (will be released soon!)


    Updated video!:



    Editing tools (updated!):


I have updated the plugin to a new version in which I have added a new UI. With this UI you can select the block you want to use or cancel the action you were doing.


    I updated the plugin and I have included a new function.

    You can now copy and paste certain buildings in your world.



Supported Minecraft versions


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