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Cheeseland-X is a server for Minecraft: Bedrock Edition which includes Minigame, Creative, Skywars and Skyblock. We work hard to create fun enjoyable games for our players and community. We are still in beta however new features are on the way! If you have any questions feel free to contact us.

Some of our best features include the following:


Creative Plots





King of the Hill


More Features are on the way!


Website: http://cheeseland-x.com

Cheeseland-X is a space-themed server with fun features and a great staff team. Our goal is to put players first and to create a fun variety of playstyles for players.

Here is a description of some of our features!


When waiting in lobbies or for games to start what better to do than parkour? We have tons of parkour courses to play while waiting and are developing a system to allow players to create there own parkour! Our lobby also includes a fun course for the grappling hook, as well as scenic views of the moon! Donators are able to use cosmetic items such as trails, gadgets, morphs, and more in the lobby as well.

Creative Plots

Our creative server allows players to build cool creations and showcase them with others. Build and create with no fear of being grieved on our multiplayer plot world! Whether you want to play with friends or build your own creations the Creative Server allows you to do that. Players are able to use commands to set the floor block of their plot and are able to build to the height limit and all the way underground. Claim up to 2 plots to build cool things in, support for more plots is coming soon!


Our SkyBlock server has tons of great features for you to create your island. Play with your friends by sharing an island, or work solo to create a massive base! Sell and buy items in the shop to advance your resources, and farm materials to advance. In the Skyblock hub, there are also crates that you can use to get materials on a daily bases. There is also an Enchanting Table which allows you to upgrade your gear for XP. Skyblock is all about your survival and progression through advancing your island and materials. More Skyblock features are coming soon!

Our arcade server has fun less competitive minigames for those looking for fun casual play. These games include Dragons, King of the Hill, and MiniWars! In Dragons, you must survive on an island as dragons destroy it. You also get the ability in Dragons to choose between kits such as Leaper (which has a leaping axe), Builder (which can build bridges), Baiter (which can draw in dragons to players), and Archer (which can shoot and deter dragons). In KOTH you need to knock people off to get to the top. The way to do this is to use a knockback fishing Rod to hit other players off the top. MiniWars you must gather resources to defeat the enemy team. You start with a limited amount of gold and can use the shop to get materials. From there you can search the map for any more materials you can use to get over or through the obsidian wall and PVP the enemy team. 


Our PVP server is full of intense combat games, such as SkyWars, and BedWars. In SkyWars you can select from several cool kits, and the more you win the better kits you can unlock! Use different playstyles to win games! Certain kits are better on certain maps, and some depend on your playstyle. In BedWars you must defend your bed from enemy teams while upgrading your gear in the shop using items from generators. Play against your friends or random players in super fun PVP battles.

More Coming Soon!!

We are always developing new features so more maps and games are yet to come!


Our goal is to create a fun server for our community and to get people involved to help create awesome things.

If you have any questions or would like to join the community we have a discord: http://discord.cheeseland-x.com

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