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YJAV’s Dream 

A texture pack that makes the armor and tools have a medieval fantasy style!

  ¡Keep in mind that this is my first texture pack and that it’s still a work in progress!  

Important changes:

• This pack remakes almost all of the most used tools in the game, like Pickaxes and Swords to look more fantasy-like, and they are borderless!

• Some ores look more rough. Charcoal looks different too!

• Bows and Crossbows have colored indicators!

• All armor sets have a new fantasy-like style!

Other Changes: 

• Made Stone look smoother, same with cobblestone, andesite, diorite, granite, etc. Also changed stone bricks, nether bricks and every ore.

• Made some UI changes.

• Made the animations in all furnaces look smoother, plus i changed the animations in other blocks like the lanterns.

• Changed how some monsters look. The Ghast looks like a demon and skeletons have more profound eyes.  ( In future updates, i’m going to change most nether monsters to look like demons or something )

• Changed the texture of some other blocks like tree logs to look rounder and smoother.

• Most utility tables like the crafting table have some little details or complete changes added to them.

• Some of the food items have a new texture and others only have some tweaks.

• Unused map items have a drawing on them corresponding to where they will lead you! (Useful for storage management in survival)

• Shields have a more fantasy-like style now!

• The Totem of Undying is now a gold cross with an emerald in the middle and now covers less of the screen. (I guess useful in pvp)

• Grass and plants have a more vibrant look! Also changed the looks of most flowers and berry bushes!

• The item pickup sound is from an old texture pack called Pixel Perfection.

This texture pack works better with this 2 other amazing packs!

• Lower Shield

• Dark Mode

 I’m planning on adding various other things plus now that I’m using a better program to make textures, it will be easier! 

• As always, i remade various textures, added new ones and tweaked some others.

– I worked for months trying to make good looking textures for the netherite tools and armor and I think I succeeded! Hopefully the textures look nice.

– I remade the chainmail armor so that it looks like the armor that vikings used irl.

– I tweaked the textures and colors of all the armors and tools.

– I tweaked some food and flower textures. Also added and tweaked some block textures and colors.

 It doesn’t look as much because it isn’t… This took me more than I wanted and I couldn’t work on more stuff because I’m having some personal problems irl. 

This update is the biggest one so far!

– Finally added Netherite armor and changes to other netherite related textures.

– I made changes like “3D” parts with gold and emerald accents to most armors and some color corrections.

– I changed the animation of the lantern and all of the furnaces.

– Tweaked the textures of some new blocks and changed how all stone related blocks and ores look.

– Remade the berry bushes and most flower textures, particularly one that looked like something else…

– I changed how skeletons and the ghast look. (work in progress)

– Tweaked some of my tools and food textures as i didn’t like how they looked.

– Changed the enchanted glint, the entity shadow and the pumpkin blur.

– Changed various other entities.

– Got rid of the door texture i used from other pack and replaced it with a texture of my own, and also got rid of the painting images i put.

This update isn’t that big but it has some really important changes to armor.

– Finally fixed some bugs that the armor models had for a long time and finally improved some of their textures!!

– Reworked the Chainmail Armor model completely and I think it looks better than before 🙂

– Added “3d” parts to most armors and i also added knuckles to them!

– Changed some things here and there…

– Improved the texture work on all tools, especially the stone and iron tools to better distinguish them from each other, as requested.

– Also as requested, added an improved texture to the Leather Armor items so that they properly display the colors they are dyed with.

– Added new textures to most ores plus designed a new texture for the charcoal item.

– Added new textures for Netherite tools for when the update comes!

– Improved various other textures and things.

Next update is going to have a new Chainmail Armor texture, improved block textures, and various improvements.

This update took me long because of some big changes I made.

– I’m testing a new reddish enchantment glint but it’s not finished so expect it to change in future updates.

– Finally found a way to change the look of the leather armor and it looks really cool plus it can still be dyed with whatever pigments you want! (There are some bugs with the leather armor items tho)

– Added some big redesigns and some little changes to most armor sets.

– Added big changes and redesigns to some of the tools like swords and fishing rods.

– Now the new look of the Flint & Steel fits more with the game!

– Added big changes to all the arrows including tipped arrows. Also added a new entity texture for the arrow.

– Added a new look to the fireworks, now they look dark with a yellow tip and orange stripes. I also added a new entity texture for them plus some changes to the Crossbow loaded with fireworks.

– Also added a lot of other minor, less important changes.

– Minor details added to some armor sets!

– Now Crossbows and Bows have a completely different look, they look cooler now!

– Now added a new look to the Chainmail Armor!

– Now all armor items have a new look!


The first link is the complete texture pack with all the changes.

The other ones are separate specific packs that only include what their name says, so if you want the whole thing, download the first link.

• If you have any suggestions pls type them in the comments and I’ll see what I do.


Supported Minecraft versions

1.15 (beta)
1.16 (beta)



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