Zelda Fans Protest, Smash PS4 Over Very Similar Chinese Game


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Open-world game Genshin Impact has been described as an anime Breath of the Wild. Some Zelda fans in China are not happy about it. At all.

The Chinese-developed RPG’s first gameplay footage was shown recently at the China Joy gaming expo.

As CCN reports, the game has been called out for allegedly copying Breath of the Wild.

Via Twitter user Vivian.Ysy, here is a side-by-side comparison of in-game screenshots.

Image: Weibo

At China Joy, Zelda fans took photos of themselves holding their Switch consoles running Breath of the Wild flipping off the Genshin Impact display at the Sony booth. They’re upset that Sony would release such a similar-looking game.

Image: Hachima

As Hachima reports, one guy even destroyed his PS4 in protest.

Cosplay protest was far less destructive.

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