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This is an addon I have been working on for a month now and want to share it. This will add new structures to your game. They can be houses, forts, dungeons and whatever. I am gonna keep bringing updates to this addon.

The stone dungeon: can by found below y level 50 and spawns in every biome

Next is the sand dungeon and is only be found in the desert and can be found below y level


Then the tree spawn in the plains and the forest

Then I also added a new dungeon with a secret chest its called the nether dungeon spawns in all caves

Added the dirt house and the basic house one comes with loot. spawns in plains and forest

Now the desert overhaul

Starting with the pyramids 

Now this is a desert house has a campfire in the front

Now these are just random structures I made for the desert they don’t have any names so just think about something to call them

Now these are new dungeons these can be found any where in caves it might be hard to see the first its basically a bigger version of the stone dungeon

The next one is the pillager dungeon 

Then the end dungeon

Now for the new mobs added 

First is the desert fox

Spawns in the desert and that’s it for the mob

next is the desert trader

spawns in the desert and you can trade 


Now for the hostile mobs

First is the skelelan

Spawns everywhere

Does not burn in the sun 

And does 5 damage

Next is the silf

It spawns everywhere 

It does 6 damage 

Only attacks when you attack it 

Next is the desert pillager

Spawns only in the desert 

Does 3 damage

Next is the king zombie 

Its a boss that you can spawn in only in creative for right now

Now for the ores 

First the sapphire ore it can be crafted into a battle axe 

 crafting recipe for the battle axe

now the ruby ore can be crafted into a sword

that is it more updates soon 

Also credit to Machine Builder for the structure generator

added silf skelelan desert pillager desert fox desert trader ruby ore sapphire ore king zombie

battle axe and ruby sword

added the desert overhaul

added new dungeons and structures .

added the nether dungeon

added dirt house 

added basic house.


just put the BP file into your behavior packs folder


Supported Minecraft versions


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