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1.19 Achievements World – MCPE AddOns

You may simply complete the most recent four achievements that have been added to Minecraft in 1.19 Achievements World. The Birthday Song, With Our Powers Joined, and Sneak 100 are the accomplishments.

Are you having trouble finishing the 1.19 achievements? Fear not, I’m going to introduce…

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Cre: notNICTO (Youtube, Twitter, Telegram)

Achievements World


In this map, the latest four achievements are added. The achievements are –

  • It Spreads
  • With Our Powers Combined
  • Birthday Song
  • Sneak 100


  • Don’t change map game settings.
  • Don’t turn on creative mode or cheats.
  • Don’t add any behaviour packs or mods.

Some Maps for Minecraft PE you can check in


1.19 Achievements World
Achievements World
Achievements World
Achievements World
Achievements World


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  1. Don’t post this map in other websites.
  2. Don’t share direct Mediafire links. (It may cause copyright strike)
  3. You can use this map for yourself.
  4. You can make video on this map. Just give credits.

Achievements World

Download 1.19 Achievements World (Backup Link)

Download 1.19 Achievements World (Linkverstise)

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Achievements World

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