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Want to experience the portal gun of java but in bedrock? with this add-on you can now experience the beauty that is the portal gun and you can now troll the animals and even your friends by teleporting them everywhere.

With this add-on a portal gun item will be added in your world. The portal gun is quite easy to craft.


There are 3 different kinds of portal guns the portal model will depend on what portal gun you use.

A short demonstration of the portal gun:

Portal Gun Recipes:

1. Normal Portal Gun

1x Ender Eye

6x Obsidian

2x iron Ingot


2. Potato Portal Gun

This portal gun has every functionality of a normal portal gun. It also plays voice lines of potato Glados.

1x Normal Portal Gun

1x Potato


3. Rick and Morty Portal Gun

6x Iron Ingot
1x Ender Eye


When you craft the portal gun it will be BLUE by default when firing the portal gun it would switch to ORANGE.


You can freely switch what color of the portal to shoot by CROUCHING and USING the portal gun.

You can see on the portal gun what portal color it would shoot.

Picking up Blocks:


How can I pick up blocks?

  1. Hold a portal gun in your hand (can be any color) (except for the rick and mort portal gun)
  2. sneak then hold the screen facing the block/left click on the block you want to pick. (like breaking the block)
  3. after doing it quickly stop sneaking

How can I place the block?

  1. Put the floating block somewhere you want to place
  2. then sneak to place the block.

If there is a block in its place it will break that block and drop it.

For now you can only pick up the following blocks:


Will add more blocks in the future.

Credits to the commenter for commenting this idea: Step_HD

Making Black Holes


Anything that gets close to the black hole will get suck in and killed including you and your items.

Here is a short instructional video on how to use the blackhole.

I Have also added a page on How to play for the portal gun so you can have an easy guide on how to use the portal gun and also how to craft it.


BETA Version:

This Beta Version removes the use of the player.json file which causes problems with other addons meaning this version of the addon can now be use with other addons.

In this version there is only 1 portal gun you can craft it using the same recipe as the default portal gun. It can also fire black holes using the same mechanics.

I would be slowly updating this addon so that the BETA has all the features of the original.

The Beta Version can be found on the download link below.



  • Feel free to make videos using this addon just credit.
  • You are not allowed to make your own download link of this addon.
  •  If there is a bug happening in the beta version I will not support it.
  • Each portal gun type must have only 1 user if there are more than 1 user some function  of the portal gun will break.
  • The BETA version also with works with NON-BETA version of Minecraft.

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Beta Version:
  • The Beta version is different from the original version.
  • Added 1 portal gun
  • The portal texture is a portal not the default one
  • removed player.json
  • removed other portal guns
  • Changed the download link.
  • Fixed the Invalid zip error .
  • Improved the addon page.
  • Added a guide on the “How To” settings.
  • Adjusted the the portal guns placement when in 1st and 3rd person.
  • Fix model error.
  • Teleport coordinates will no longer show when entering a portal.
  • Shooting the portal gun far away should now create a portal and not despawn.
  • Fix the bug that is only occurring in mobile devices for the Rick’s portal gun.
  • Added another download link for those people who can’t download using adlfy links.

Portal Gun v5.1:

In the new version portal gun v5:

  • Fixed the portal gun model’s flickering. 



  • Portals no longer suffocate in walls, water, and lava
  • Portals no longer take damage from fire and lava


Before Installing:

  • Experimental Mode must be turned on in your world.


Supported Minecraft versions


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