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Ever wanted to be a blaze? Maybe an enderman, well this pack has 10+ mobs to choose from! This pack will let you have abilities of mobs! Strays, husks, and more! You can even use this in a survival mode!

Current Version: 1.1.4

This mod has alot of mobs to choose from!


  • Immune to lava
  • Immune to fire
  • Water hurts you
  • Lost your fly ability by being a half player half blaze
  • Fighter
  • /tag @s add blaze


  • Super strong
  • You got hunger yo
  • Fighter
  • /tag @s add husk


  • Infinite arrows
  • Infinite bow durability
  • Cant enchant inf durability bow
  • Has slowness
  • Fighter
  • /tag @s add stray


  • Teleports
  • Water is a bad boi
  • Fighter
  • /tag @s add enderman


  • Water is a good boi
  • Can only breathe in water
  • Effects players around em with blindness
  • Neutral
  • /tag @s add squid



  • Special: Can drop purple dye to phantomize, and can drop blue dye to dephantomize
  • Fighter
  • /tag @s add phantom


  • Same as stray but without the slowness arrows
  • Doesnt have slowness
  • Why would anyone pick this mob?
  • Fighter
  • /tag @s add skeleton


  • I can breathe!!! in water
  • Trident from the get go
  • Fighter
  • /tag @s add drowned


  • Resistance go brrrr
  • Free shulker boxes!
  • Neutral
  • /tag @s add shulker


  • Jump boost
  • Strong
  • Can only walk by jumping
  • Fighter
  • /tag @s add slime


  • Potions!        Thats all!
  • Support + Fighter
  • /tag @s add witch


  • Jumpy very high!
  • I am speed
  • Players slow rabbits
  • Neutral
  • /tag @s add rabbit


  • Crossbow from the get go
  • Infinite arrows
  • Bad omen
  • Fighter
  • /tag @s add pillager


  • Axe
  • Very strong
  • Bad omen
  • Fighter
  • /tag @s add vindicator

Iron Golem

  • Very Very strong
  • Hero of the village
  • Slow
  • Tank
  • /tag @s add iron_golem

Magma Cube

  • Isnt slow
  • Has weakness
  • Can attack by touching people
  • Immune to lava, fire, and other magma cubes
  • Fighter
  • /tag @s add magma_cube

Wither skeleton

  • Effects others around them with wither
  • Being a half human half wither skeleton has taken the fire resistance effect away from you
  • Can only have STONE swords
  • Fighter
  • /tag @s add witherskeleton


  • Cant have bows
  • Has weakness 4
  • Has bad omen
  • Special: Drop red dye to summon evocation fangs
  • Fighter
  • /tag @s add evoker


  • Slow
  • Gets speed when a player gets near
  • Gets strength when a player gets near
  • Gets strength on stone
  • Being a half player half warden has taken blindness away from you
  • Tank
  • /tag @s add warden


  • Infinite emeralds!
  • Hero of the village
  • Scammer
  • Pillagers absolutely hate you
  • Neutral 
  • /tag @s add villager


  • Fast
  • Weak
  • Annoying
  • Becomes invisible when facing at stone
  • Defender
  • /tag @s add silverfish


  • Sheep makes wolf strong
  • Speedy
  • Bones distract you and make you s l o w
  • Defender
  • /tag @s add wolf


  • If there is dirt under your feet, you transform it into grass
  • Free infinite bonemeal
  • Special: Drop yellow dye to give nearby players bonemeal and turn nearby dirt into grass
  • Support
  • /tag @s add moobloom

Glow Squid

  • Gives nearby players night vision
  • Cant survive on land
  • Support
  • /tag @s add glow_squid

Tnt Yeeter

Snow Golem

  • Infinite Snowballs
  •  Can kill blazes fast
  • Has slowness
  • Cant stand on netherrack
  • Leaves a trail of snow everywhere
  • Support
  • /tag @s add snow_golem


  • Can only survive on water
  • Very Neutral
  • /tag @s add fish

Ender Dragon

  • Elytra
  • Can launch up to sky
  • Boss
  • /tag @s add enderdragon


  • Runs fast
  • Special: Can drop black dye to sting
  • /tag @s add bee


  • Gets levitation when in webs
  • Summons web when a player gets near
  • /tag @s add spider


  • Speedy
  • Leaping
  • Special: Drop dye to get a boost and tp those pesky players away from you!
  • /tag @s add horse


  • Special: Drop dye to munch on grass

thats literally it

  • oh and you also get wool but thats not that good
  • /tag @s add sheep


  • Resistance
  • Strong
  • Slow
  • Invisible when near other players (not other yetis tho)
  • Special: Drop dye to summon a snowstorm
  • /tag @s add yeti



  • Warden + Phantom
  • Hybrid
  • /tag @s add wartom


  • Ghost + Blaze
  • Hybrid
  • /tag @s add ghostblaze


  • Type /give @s command_block, place the command block, set it to repeat and type function mobabilities
  • Then type /tag @s add mob


And finally, you have the powers of a mob! You can only gain powers of the mobs above

If you want a more detailed explanation, here is a video to explain everything!

Enjoy this function pack!


I allow everyone to make showcases of my mods

I allow everyone to use this in their servers, just credit me

I allow everyone to make copies of this mod, if you want to do that, you will have to credit me. And make sure it is different enough

Do not post this mod on other websites, I only allow people to use this, not post it

If you do, I will have to report you.

Do not make this mod seem like it is yours, if you do, I will take action on you.

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Update 114:

The ColdHorses Update

  • Horses are finally here!
  • You hear that? Its a sheep!
  • Bug fixes
  • Nerfes
  • Buffs

Update 113:

The Small Update

  • Added spiders
  • Added bees
  • Alot of bug fixes
  • Added correct download
  • Skipped 112

Update 112:

Enders and Ghosts update

  • Moved elytra from phantoms to ender dragons
  • Added ender dragons
  • Added GHOSTBLAZES! New hybrid!
  • Fixed bug where ghosts only have iron chestplate, they have iron helmet now
  • Remove iceologer and phantologer
  • Fixed moobloom’s special
  • More bug fixes

Update 111:

The Snowy Yeeters Update

  • Added snow golems
  • Added tnt yeeters
  • Added fishes to the list
  • Added ghost mob
  • Fixed moobloom
  • Iceologers will be fixed in a later update


Update 110:

The ice and blooms update

  • Added moobloom
  • Added iceologer
  • Added glow squid
  • Improved the evoker
  • Added phantologer (Phantom Iceologer Hybrid)
  • Bug fixes

Wolves and Hybrids Update

  • Added wolf
  • Phantoms can phantomize
  • Added the WarTom! A warden + phantom hybrid!
  • Squids and fish now take damage on land
  • Bug fixes


  • Added scammers- i mean villagers
  • Added annoying fish (silverfish)
  • Fixed the bug where everyone has strength 3
  • Added the warden (cuz why not)
  • Added wither skeletons
  • Added evoker
  • Pillager family is complete 😀
  • Cats have night vision
  • Added magma cubes
  • Added the iron golem
  • Nerfed slime
  • Slimes have slowness 100
  • Added pillagers
  • Added the vindicator
  • Made it so that blazes are immune to all bad effects but they arent allowed to have speed, jump boost, and regen
  • Squids can only survive in water now

Update 104: The Nerfings

  • Endermen and blazes take damage in flowing water
  • Husks now have hunger
  • Strays go slowwwwww
  • Added slime
  • Added rabbit
  • Buffed and nerfed few mobs
  • More!
  • Added the witch
  • Endermen dont take damage while ender pearling
  • Drowned has water breathing
  • Cats scare away creepers
  • More!
  • Added the CORRECT download (I didnt add the correct download)


  1. Click link
  2. Click continue
  3. Click the blue square
  4. Click minecraft
  5. Go to settings > storage > resource packs
  6. Delete “MobAbilities” (Resource pack not behaviour pack)
  7. Go back to menu
  8. Go to play
  9. Put behaviour pack into a world
  10. Enjoy!


Supported Minecraft versions

1.15 (beta)

Source link

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