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Undertale Boss V2.0 Add-on Omega Flowey Add-on Incredible Vee-Jay Boss Add-on Asriel Dreemurr Add-on

Hi do you like undertale games? And do you know the king of the monster there?? 

And do you know the comedian skeleton there??did you already defeat him kill or spare him?? if yes or not let me introduce him using this add-on

Asgore Dreemurr:

The king of the monster in undertale father of asriel dreemur and lover toriel and also the great king of underground.


Asgore Dreemurr:

health: 2000
damage: 30
speed: 0.30 // become 2.0 if he charge to enemy


PinPinWaves of Fire:

this ability can do a lot of damage but the weakness of this ability is just to dodge 
damage: 5 per fireball
speed per fire ball : 1.54
gravity 0.0


Fire Pillar

this attack is dodgeable too but not as easy of waves cause of outnumber fireball that will encircle the enemy
damage: 5 pre fireball
speed per fire ball : 1.54
gravity 0.0


Trident Attack

i know this attack doesn’t have the real asgore
but adding this will make asgore not so easy to kill by a player
this add-on is so very to dodge but have a great amount of damage if you try stand near this


The comedian but strong and the bringer of judgement in undertale the boss in judgement room



Damage: 30

Health: 1

Speed: 0.30

You can kill sans only uf he finish attacking i mean if he get’s tired ko



Gaster blaster:

Damage: 5 /per seconds when you stay in laser

Cast duration: 2.06

To dodge the attack of gaster blaster you need to run faster and use a potion or anything that can sustain your life when you hitted by this ability


Blue/white bone

Blue bone
Damage: 10
Effect: levitation for 1 second every time the blue bone hit you
White bone
Damage: 10
This bone is like a normal ability for sans it doesn’t contain any effect on entity/player

Sans stage 2

Sans will summon more gb more blue and white bones and orange bones(in the bottom the description of this ability)

Stage gaster blaster:

More dangerous cause this attack can outnumber you limiting the space to run


More blue/white bones

Rain of bones like the hard mode sans yes cause this is inspired in hardmode undertale sans

(Even me is struggle to kill sans but i defeated him haha)

Orange bones:

This is easy to dodge but don’t be so arrogant cause this ability can cause nausea effect making the player hard to dodge the next ability coming

Damage: 20

Effect: 1 seconds nausea exact time to sans to summon a new attack

Item Needed to Kill Asgore/sans

  1. enchanted apples-so you can stand agains asgore attack
  2. enchanted netherite tools (dont use fire aspect it will not work on asgore
  3. enchanted armors-(projectile,blast protection my guaranteed enchant agains asgore
  4. potions-(potion that can hurt entity cause asgore is not immune in potions
  5. bow and arrow with effect(you need this cause sometimes asgore charge in player if you’re nearest to him
  6. Milk-so you can remove the bad effect
  7. pray haha 😀

turn on experimental gui to make sure add-on will work well
if you dont like the add-on it’s better to get out in here than say anything that can hurt the creator cause we make add-on for free we didn’t ask any favor
please subscribe to my channel
Wracks Gaming
don’t stop chasin dreams 😀

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Minor bug fix
Update link
Sans arrow bone animation fix
Walk animation fix
Thanks you very much mcpedl
I hope you the mcpedl team reach they’re successfull goal in future

Sorry for disturbing i just change the file and the link also cause of i post the wrong link sorry sir mcpedl sorry

I added new boss add-on and the description i add detail about the new entity and i change the introduction too a little and i change the picture of this add-on thanks mcpedl i hope you will accept the update too

I change the name of add-on cause im planning to add more bosses in here


I added new boss add-on and the description i add detail about the new entity and i change the introduction too a little and i change the picture of this add-on


Supported Minecraft versions

1.16.210 (beta)

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