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This Add-on is in ALPHA, and there will be bugs

Cda’s Morph Add-on brings the popular Java Edition Morph Mod onto Bedrock Edition! This currently supports all the hostile mobs as stated by Minecraft Gamepedia. You are able to morph into mobs and take their appearance, abilities, and more using items that you can either craft or get by killing a mob.



This add-on allows you to morph into any mob (currently limited to hostile mobs as defined ( by Minecraft Gamepedia). With this add-on you have at your disposal 18 different mobs Morph items that you may use to morph into the mobs, as well as an item to morph back into your regular Player.


You also have 10 WIP mobs, hidden but still obtainable, that you may use to test out the other mobs!


Please note, you will need Holiday Creator Features enabled in the Experimental Gameplay Section for this add-on to work. Additionally, you many packs will not work with this, as it modifies the Vanilla Player Files.

To Obtain:

You can either obtain the items by Crafting or by Killing the proper mob. Recipes are provided below:

Creeper – 1 Gunpowder
Drowned – 1 Rotten Flesh
Endermite – 1 Ender Pearl
Evoker – 1 Emerald
Hoglin – 1 Crimson Fungus
Husk – 1 Rotten Flesh
Magma Cube – 1 Magma Cream
Phantom – 1 Phantom Membrane
Piglin Brute – 1 Gold Ingot
Pillager – 1 Emerald
Player – 1 Dirt
Ravager – 1 Saddle
Shulker – 1 Shulker Shell
Vindicator – 1 Emerald
Witch – 1 Stick
Wither Skeleton – 1 Coal
Zoglin – 1 Crimson Fungus
Zombie – 1 Rotten Flesh

To obtain WIP Mobs:


Run “/event entity @s cda002:remove“, followed by “event entity @s cda002:” and the one of the WIP mobs, replacing spaces with Underscores _ and converting to lowercase. For example, to access the Elder Guardian, run:

1. /event entity @s cda002:remove
2. /event entity @s cda002:elder_guardian


Known Issues:

Lack of movement animations
Sometimes will not burn in daylight/lava for entities that should burn, because others have “minecraft:fire_immune” component, relogging fixes this
Camera won’t adjust based on entity size
Held items may render in the wrong spot
Mobs like zombie won’t hold out their arms
Magma Cube/Slime can only be baby size
Ravagers do not break blocks
Weird crouching animation
Husks drop zombie morph instead of husk morph
Piglin brutes don’t drop morph
Vexes don’t drop morph
Zombie Villagers drop zombie morph instead of zombie villager morph

Reasons some mobs are WIP:
Blaze – Only renders head and 1 ‘leg’
Elder Guardian – Doesn’t render spikes correctly
Ghast – Visual size too small
Guardian – Doesn’t render spikes correctly
Silverfish – Most of body renders incorrectly
Slime – Doesn’t render like it’s supposed to, looks more solid than it should
Stray – Doesn’t render with outer layer
Vex – Oversized
Zombie Villager – Doesn’t render with outer layer



To Download:

1. Download the pack at the given link

2. Import it
2.5. If you are unable to import it with a tap/double click, rename the file from a .mcaddon file extension to a .zip file extension. Afterwards, unzip the folder and move the behavior pack to the behavior_packs folder and the resource pack to the resource_packs folder of the com.mojang folder


3. Apply it to your worlds

4. Make sure Holiday Creator Features is enabled in the Experimental Gameplay section.

5. Enjoy!


This add-on is provided to you under the CC-BY-SA-4.0 License (, which allows modification and redistribution as long as proper credit is provided and you use the same license.

If you have any feedback, suggestions, or issues, feel free to contact me (!




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