MCPE/Bedrock Pokemetels Wizardry (Basic Wizardry Completion Update!)


This addon is about wizardry “magic”, you can find spell books, learn spells, craft different wands, get wand attachments such as quartz or amethyst and more, it will also have over 50 spells

Big thanks to the addon creator pixeleddoki

Plans for this addon

Basic wizardry: Done

Custom spell crafting: Started

Elemental wizardry: Not started

Witchery: Not started

Steampunk: Not started

We are looking for people that can do textures, behaviors and modeling




Heres a description of the stuff I’m going to add and have added 

So to start off you go up to a tree get leaves using sheers then make a wood carver to get the stick of that leaf type. You then take the wood carver and u craft it with the stick to carve your wand. Then you can find a mythic flower or ore which when u put it in crafting it makes mythic dust this will be used for future recipes.

But you can take the dust craft it with a book to make your first spell called mythic dart. It’s a common spell you use it then it will say you learned mythic dart. When you use your wand with activate arrows above your hotbar 2 of your hotbar slots will be replaced with arrows that allow u to cycle through your spells. Use the wand again with arrows title above your hotbar to de activate the arrows 

You an then kill mobs, loot dungeon chests to find spell books. You can find uncommon, rare, epic, legendary then elemental. Now if u just start of you wont be able to cast rare or above u have to find or make these things called spell research. The recipe is 1 mythic dust and a book and quill. But let’s say if you make or find 30 of these then you’ll get a message saying your able to learn rare spells now and then like for epic it will be more and such.

Once you have learned all 30 spells this includes common to legendary you’ll be able to become a elemental wizard. Which basically when u become one of these your focused on that one element. So if I became an ice wizard I’d only be able to learn and do ice magic.


Which you can learn by getting elemental spell books. Normal wizards cant learn these spells, there will also be wizard towers that can spawn. You can also find copper and Crystal’s like amethyst. Which then u can craft copper wire which then u can take 1 copper wire craft it with a crystal and your wand which then depending on the crystal your attach to your wand will give you a certain effect. I’m also open to suggestions on other stuff you think should be added 



Mage light spell ^

                Survival play “starting off”

If you where playing in Survival you would start off by getting sheers. You then would get a leaf block using the sheers. Then make a wood carver craft the carver with the leaf block to get your stick. Craft the carver again with the stick to get your wand. Then you want to get mythic dust by finding mythic flowers or ore haven’t decided yet. You will take a book and the dust craft them together to get your first spell. Mythic dart it’s a weak common spell.

To cast spells you use your wand to get purple arrows named next and back. Use these arrows to cycle your spells, when you have cycled to the spell you want to use. Use your wand to activate your spell some spells are constant which means you will need to re use your wand to de activate your spell.



Blackhole Spell ^



Certain spells such as black hole and ice golem will tag you and any player within a 3 block range of you so they wont be affected by the spell

To get mythic dust you have to craft a mortar and pestle, which then you place down to use it you interact with it while holding a mythic crystal






In order to summon the genie you must first find a cleric villager get him to max level then he will trade you the lamp for 2 nether stars

Once you have the lamp you then can rub it “use it” to summon the genie which you can then ask for 3 wishes you can set the lamp down you trade your wish items for the trades that the lamp has

Once you ask for all 3 wishes you can craft a wish with the lamp then interact with the genie while holding it to set him free he will have an appearance change if you do so and wont despawn


[Cosmic Genie Boss]



To summon him you have to max out a cleric villager and he will have the black lamp as a trade for 1 nether star use it to summon,

He shoots big red orbs and gives wither within a 4 block radius and hovers

Health: 3000

Loot: cosmic genie staff, nether star and empty black lamp as a trophy along with 800 xp



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