MCPE/Bedrock Clocks and Debug Function


This Function Pack adds 4 different clocks and a debug display with some information to your world and additional to this I created a One-Player-Sleep-System for Multiplayer (everything should work on Realms and LAN worlds exactly as in Single-player worlds).


The Functions don`t need any command block, they will work from the moment you add the behavior pack to your world.

Everything will be displayed above your hotbar, but only one can be displayed at once.
To display the clock you want, you need to run a function (for more information see the text below).

  • World Timer
    This clock counts every second you played in a world and displays it in days, hours, minutes and seconds.
    To display this clock, type this in your chat: /function world_timer
  • Clock
    This clock shows the ingame daytime and counts every quarter of an hour.
    Even when you sleep, the clock stops to count and is set to the correct time.
    To display this clock, type this in your chat: /function clock
  • Stopwatch
    With this clock you can simply count the time you need for something.
    type /function start in the chat to start it
    type /function stop in the chat to stop it
    type /function reset in the chat to reset it
    To display this clock, type this in your chat: /function stopwatch
  • Timer
    This clock is a timer, which means that you can adjust a time (in hours, minutes and seconds) and after you started the timer it counts down the time untill zero seconds.
    The time must be adjusted with the scoreboard command (the exact command will be shown in the chat when you display the timer).
    After you adjusted the time,
    type /function start in the chat to start it
    type /function stop in the chat to stop it
    type /function reset in the chat to reset it
    To display this clock, type this in your chat: /function timer
  • debug display
    This display shows you some more information which can be important especially in survival mode:
    – Clock again
    – the Biome you are in
    Compass and the coordinates direction you are facing
    – your Last-Death-Coordinates (for this I also added a death counter, which is
       displayed as a sidebar-scoreboard)
    To display the debug display, type this in your chat: /function debug

    For the Biome-Identifyer the behavior pack from this youtube video:  was very helpful, but I improved it a bit and added the 1.16 nether biomes.

  • for player who want a bit more challenging survival gameplay I added thirst and temperature to the addon
    You can turn this part off and on. Normally it`s deactivated.
    To activate/deactivate it, go to your active world behavior packs. Click on the “Debug and Clocks Function” and then on the little gear. A little control panel will open, where you can choose between “More Survival” (means with thirst and temperature) and “Less Survival” (without thirst and temperature):
    1.  Pin





    If you activate it, you will get information about your temperature and thirst in the chat every 20 seconds or you display them always above your hotbar with
    /function temp_thirst .




    > If the thirst is too low you get negative effects, so it has to be refilled from time to time by standing in any water block or a cauldron with water.
    In a desert/mesa, jungle and savanna or in the nether  you have to quench your thirst more often.

    > If the temperature is too high or too low you also get negative effects.

    temperature goes high:
    in biomes:
    – desert and mesa biome (at day)
    – jungle (at day)
    – savanna (at day)
    – all nether biomes
    near blocks:
    – torch
    – campfire
    – lantern
    – lit furnace
    – lit blast furnace
    – lit smoker
    – magma block
    – lava/flowing lava
    – fire
    – soul campfire
    – soul lantern
    – soul torch
    – soul fire

    temperature goes low:
    in biomes:
    ice biome
    – hills
    – ocean
    – every other biome (at night, jungle and savanna very slow)
    – in caves
    near blocks:
    – snow/snow layer
    – ice/packed ice/ blue ice
    – water/flowing water and cauldron with water (in ice, hills and ocean biomes)

    temperature goes to optimum:
    – in every biome I didn`t mention before (at day)
    – in the end
    – water/flowing water and cauldron with water ( in every biome except in ice, hills
       and ocean biomes)

  • hide all clocks and debug displays
    To hide all clocks, so that nothing will be displayed above your hotbar, type
    /function hide
     in your chat.


  • other information
    The world timer and the clock always count, even if you don`t display them.
    However this don`t work with the stopwatch and the timer. So when they count, but you change the clock, they don`t reset but stop counting untill you display them again.

    For Multiplayer I also added a One-Player-Sleep-System.

    You can modify and share this addon or use my original version for other creations but don`t use it as a form of business and please give me credits by placing a link to me.


  • fixed bug with the one-player-sleep-system in singleplayer
  • added death counter
  • added debug display
  • added thirst and temperature



I tested the normal version with my smartphone (5 inch). It`s display was too small to show the long debug-display.
So I added a second version for small devices, where the debug-display is a bit smaller.

creator: MCPE_Map_Maker


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