MCPE/Bedrock Minecraft But You Can Mine Entire Chunks v1

Minecraft but you can mine entire chunks 



What this add-on adds

this add-on adds a new tool called the chunk miner disguised as an enchanted iron pickaxe (for trolling reasons)

Adds a recipe for the chunk miner


my discord :


This add-on is perfect if you enjoy

op add-ons

Minecraft but mods

love having fun with friends

love messing around 

trolling your friends


removing chunks

trolling strangers



awesome if you’re making a cave map

 good at removing chunks in flat worlds

doing add-on reviews   (with credit)

making youtube videos on add-ons   (with credit)




Chunk Miner

Needs 2 iron blocks, 1 diamond block, and 2 sticks to craft

to craft an iron block you need 9 iron ingots

to craft a stick you need 2 planks

to craft a diamond block you need 9 diamonds

when you mine a block it deletes an entire chunk 

disguised as an enchanted iron pickaxe so you can troll your friends   (no one expects the enchanted iron pickaxe)

durability 700   (durability is quite low so the pickaxe is not too overpowered)

you can repair the chunk miners pickaxe by merging 2 chunk miners together  (like normal pickaxes)





Shots of me removing chunks 

as you can see when you remove a chunk all the blocks drop so you can pick them up

fills a 16 by 16 square with air aka removing a chunk 

even XP still drops 



useful for making maps and buildings

removes terrain easily and fast

perfect for removing chunks in flat worlds also 

perfect for map-making especially when the map needs to remove terrain 

may lag from time to time




you can put the chunk miner on an armor stand as shown here

you can also put the chunk miner in chests, minecarts, etc 

chunk miner renders just like a normal iron pickaxe on an armor stand 

the pickaxe is called “chunk miner” so putting a chunk miner on an armor stand is a good way to keep it hidden from friends 



Create your own cave update lol 

ability to make massive caves easily for buildings and structures 

may need some night vision potions tho lol 




Doesn’t mine water/lava as shown here

ores still drop XP when broken 

and if there’s water/ lava in the chunk you removed it will just flow down instead of removing the water/lava 

in survival mining straight down isn’t recommended as you can fall to your death 




Also, the chunk miner can be used in creative and flat worlds


make sure you turn on all content creator features or this add-on won’t work 

No uploading to other sites

No posting the Mediafire link

Warning may lag after using a few times if you don’t have a powerful machine

if you’re in creative I recommend doing /kill @e every time you use it 10 times

if you’re in survival I recommend using a lava bucket to burn the loot you don’t need 


Showcase (recommend you watch before downloading)

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