MCPE/Bedrock Convert Query To Tag Addon!

Tags list

Common tags

The player’s coordinates are changing.

The player is alive.

The player’s head is in the air. Always true on land and in creative mode.

The player is flying in elytra.

The player’s feet are submerged in water.

The player is invisible.

The player is jumping or pressing a key for jumping.

The player’s feet are on the ground.

The player is on fire.

The player is on something. e.g. horse and minecart.

The player is holding some item in right hand.

The player is using item. e.g. charging bow, the moment of using a fishing rod, and eating food.

The player is sleeping.

The player is sneaking.

The player is sprinting or pressing a key for sprinting.

The player is swimming.

The crossbow in the player’s hand is fully charged.

The last damage taken by a player is by the player. This includes self-inflicted damage.

Direction tags

・3d direction

Any one of these is always true.

  • 3d_facing_down
  • 3d_facing_up
  • 3d_facing_north
  • 3d_facing_south
  • 3d_facing_west
  • 3d_facing_east

・2d direction

Any one of these is always true.

  • 2d_facing_north
  • 2d_facing_south
  • 2d_facing_west
  • 2d_facing_east

How to use

Write them in a target selector of the command you want to use.

 e.g.1 /testfor @a[tag=is_gliding]

Detects players flying in elytra.

 e.g.2 /kill @a[tag=3d_facing_up]

Kills the player facing up.

Note: It is not possible to edit the tag of a dead player. Therefore, such a command may cause the kill to be repeated in some cases. To prevent this, please add another argument.


Get health value by scoreboard

When the health value is between 0 and 20, the value is set in the “health_value” of the scoreboard.

Or, if the health value is 21 or more, the tag “health_21_more” will be given.

Absorption effect hearts are not counted.

e.g. /effect @a[scores={“health_value”=..4}] regeneration 5 5

  Rapidly heals when the player has 2 or less hearts remaining.



To visualize the scoreboard, run “/scoreboard objectives setdisplay ~~”.

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