Bedrock 83′ Lancia 037

• Car History

“The Lancia Rally (Tipo 151, also known as the Lancia Rally 037, Lancia 037 or Lancia-Abarth #037 from its Abarth project code SE037) was a mid-engine sports car and rally car built by Lancia in the early 1980s to compete in the FIA Group B World Rally Championship. Driven by Markku Alén, Attilio Bettega, and Walter Röhrl, the car won Lancia the manufacturers’ world championship in the 1983 season. It was the last rear-wheel drive car to win the WRC. In 1980 Lancia began the development of the 037 to comply with the then new FIA Group B regulations that allowed cars to race […]” -Wikipedia

• Car details

Has mid-high speed, 2 seats, advanced animations (openable/closeable doors and trunk, working accelerator pedal, working dashboard)(explained below) and advanced sounds (also explained below).

• Car colors

Has 2 variants and a total of 4 colors.

White – Stradale


Red – Stradale


Black – Stradale


83′ Martini Livery – Rally


Extra Images

Engine bay


Rear suspension

(The back tires in this picture are removed only as a preview to get a better look at the suspension system. The back tires are not actually removeable in-game.)


Rear profile




• How to open the doors & How to open the hood

i) Doors

To open the doors, right click the car and the doors will open. Right click again to get in.
To close the doors, right click WHILE shifting/crouching.

ii) Hood

To open the hood, right click WHILE shifting/crouching WHEN the doors are closed and the hood will open!
To close the hood, right click WHILE shifting/crouching.

In a nutshell, the concept is basically;

Right click/hold + Shift/crouch = Close/open the hood and close doors
Right click ONLY = Open doors and to get in the car … (once the car’s doors are open)

I’ve made a video showing how it’s done so if you don’t understand words, you can check that video out. The car in the video used is my previous Datsun 240z addon which shouldn’t be a problem as the concept (animations, door and hood mechanics and sound effects) are the same for this addon (Lancia 037).

• Advanced sounds

In total there are 5 sound effects for the cars. However, there are 3 sound effects that requires Minecraft’s experimental settings. More details below. The list are as follows:

Doesn’t require experimental
Startup sound effect – When the player sits in the car
Driving sound effect – When the player drives the car

Requires experimental
Door closing sound effect – When the player closes the door
Door opening sound effect – When the player opens the door
Hood closing sound effect – When the player closes the hood


The addon will still work like normal if you choose to not turn on the Experimental option (Holiday Creator Features), but you won’t be able to experience the 3 sound effects mentioned above (door closing/opening sound effects and hood closing sound effect).

• How to obtain

Method 1: Get their spawn eggs from the Creative Inventory. They are classified as spawn eggs. You can search Lancia without the ” as an easier way to get them.


Method 2: Use /summon commands:
/summon lancia:037_white1
/summon lancia:037_red1
/summon lancia:037_black1
/summon lancia:037_martini1

Twitter account: @ashminggu
Instagram account: @ashminggu
Email account: [email protected]
Youtube: Ashminggu Ashkali

• Problem with AdFly?

Contact me through one if my contacts listed above and I’ll send a direct download link whenever possible, no AdFly/Linkvertise restrictions!

Any other websites/apps that distribute this addon without my approval are false and are an act of plagiarism.

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