3-30Pcs 30x10x5mm Search Major Quadrate Magnet 30*10*5 Powerful Magnets 30mmx10mmx5mm Strong Neodymium Magnets 30*10*5mm


> Product Information <

Product Name:Industrial Magnet

Material : Neodymium / NdFeB

Grade: N35  

Plating: Nickel + Copper + Nickel

Shape: Block Magnets

Tolerance: 0~3mm

Max Operating Temperature: 80 Celsius degree / 176 Fahrenheit degree

Dimension Unit:mm(millimeter)

> Notes <

1.All models of products have dimensional tolerances. Please understand them carefully before purchasing.

2.Because the pictures taken are affected by lighting, background, display pixels and other factors, there is a slight difference between the real magnet and the shop display pictures. The display pictures are only for products. Please understand

3. The magnet material is hard and brittle. It is made of sintered powder. In the process of use, it should be ensured that the magnet will not be severely impacted. Please handle it with care. If it is used improperly, it is easy to cause the magnet to be damaged and cracked, not the quality of the magnet.

4. The bigger and thicker the magnet is, the stronger the magnetic force is. Please prevent your fingers from being hurt by the magnet during use.

5.It is forbidden for people under 14 years old to use it.

6. After placing an order, Package tracking information query: OR


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