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One day, you don’t know why you’ve been kidnapped. You get up in a closet in a strange house without exit. You have to explore the house, discover secrets and find an exit. Will you be able to escape? This is a first trial map, wait for it, you will like it! 

You’re trapped in this house. It won’t be very easy for you to get out from this place.

 I built this map only for hype who will play this. I have already built the second part and I’m working at little bugs that will be fixedy very early. I think that i will post that map the 20/5/2020 so stay tuned. In this small map, I added some redstone tricks I created long ago that I wanted to test. In this first episode I only put some hidden items and a hidden place, a basement that will be the end of this “tutorial(?)”. The atmosphere I want to create an initial atmosphere of quiet / tension with a bit of horror at the end. I hope this first idea of map can like you. 

Floor by floor, step by step, maybe you will find the WAY OUT. 

– 3 floors

– much secrets to find


-Don’t change gamemode

-Play only in Single player 

-Set brightness to 80-100 

-In a specific part of the map, your gamemode will be changed in survival, please be careful and don’t breack blocks

Added some photos and a little considerations. I want to remind you that the 20/5/2020 the second and real map will be posted. 


If the link don’t work please write a comment. I’ll try my best. 


Supported Minecraft versions

1.15 (beta)
1.16 (beta)

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