Access Dots now logs when your camera and microphone are accessed


Earlier this month, XDA Recognized Developer jagan2 released Access Dots, an app that alerts users when their phone’s camera or mic is in use. After some feedback, jagan2 has introduced an update that makes Access Dots even better for those who value privacy.

The update will now log when your camera and microphone were accessed, and for how long. Jagan2 explains in the release notes for the Access Dots update:

  1. Added Access Logs, shows: Time at which cam/mic was accessed, foreground App during the Access initiation, and duration of access.
  2. For Android 10+, devices with camera notch, Access Dots by default now sticks beside the camera cutout like iOS 14.
  3. Added ‘Custom’ location options to specify location in X/Y coordinates
  4. Stability, bug fixes.

That’s a nice update if I do say so myself, and jagan2 isn’t stopping there. Access Dots will also soon display a colored dot when both your microphone and camera are accessed, which comes in addition to showing colored dots when they’re accessed individually.

access dots

If you have yet to check out Access Dots, the app aims to bring awareness to Android users. With the app installed, you’ll know if an app is surreptitiously accessing your camera and microphone, protecting you from potential snooping.

Access Dots should work on all Android devices running Android 7.0 Nougat and newer.

Access Dots XDA Forums thread

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