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Account Logo Addon

Are you tired of having to write information on signs, NPCs, or Command for Map? So, “Account Logo Addon” is the new solution for you.

Cre: HgVN23 (Youtube, Twitter)

Account Logo Addon

Introduce all logo:

How can I get them?


Nono Live














Nimo TV

  • They are in the spawn egg group.
  • Using /give to get Spawn Item or /summon to summon Entity.

Some addons Minecraft PE you can check: 

  • Moon Knight Addon for Minecraft
  • Casino Craft (V1.0 Release Update)
  • Minecraft Bedrock Edition: Plus [1.4.2]

What is special about them?

  1. They have an animation of rotation and up and down like a 3D drop item in Java.
  2. Model 3D 16×16 almost like the Logo of them.
  3. New way to show your info in Map.

Can I rename for them?

  • Yes, you can by using nametag.
Account Logo addon

Can I remove them?

  • Yes, you can by using Barrier to “RIP” them or using /kill
Account Logo addon

Does this pack have bugs?

  • Yes, it has a small bug that when using a fishing rod to catch a logo, the logo that are hooked will fly up or down to infinity. But you can setblock structure void to the logo so it don’t get hooked.

Can I review this pack, change something or upload to another web?

  1. You can review my pack but remember credit me.
  2. You can change it for your map but always remember it made by me and credit me.
  3. You can upload to another web but credit by me.

Will this pack be updated?

  • Maybe in the future.


Just download then open by Minecraft

Account Logo addon

Downloads account logo addon (Mediafire)

Downloads account logo addon (Drive)

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