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This mod allows you to decrease, turning into ants of the species Adontomachus Rixosus. Hence the name of the mod

This mod adds 5 ants to the game, which allow you to turn into them and decrease by 2, 4, 8, 16, 32 times

Hello everyone. I recently created a Minecraft Bedrock mod that lets you shrink, turning into ants like Adontomachus Rixosus. Hence the name of the mod.

You can buy them from a resident of armorer:

Adontomachus Rixosus 2x (reduced by 2 times) – costs 8 emeralds

Adontomachus Rixosus 4x (at least 4 times) – costs 12 emeralds

Adontomachus Rixosus 8x (at least 8 times) – costs 16 emeralds

Adontomachus Rixosus 16x (at least 16 times) – costs 32 emeralds

Adontomachus Rixosus 32x (at least 32 times) – costs 64 emeralds

Someone may doubt the practicality of this mod, but decreasing you get additional benefits, namely:

Decreasing by 2 times, you can climb through slots of size 1 block

Decreasing 4 times, you can climb through slots the size of a half block

Decreasing 8 times you will not be afraid of falling from a height

Decreasing 16 times you can climb into the gap between the portal in the end and the block

Decreasing 32 times you can climb through the sand of souls

(It’s dark in the sand of the soul, because its texture is more than a collision)

The stronger you decrease, the less hostile mobs will attack you, the slower you will move and dig blocks. However, decreasing too much you will lose the ability to attack mobs.

This is only part of the opportunities that you get with this mod.

(What a big zombie! :0)

In order to get into the ant it is necessary to spawn the mob and press RMB (on the phones press the “Sit” button), you can get out using the Shift key

Turning into an ant, your health will decrease. If an ant dies, an egg will fall out of it for his calling.

This mod is still under testing:

– The ants do not have a skin yet, so you have to remember where you last left it

– When you turn into an ant, your skin disappears (this is due to some features of Bedrock Edition)

Works on all versions of Bedrock Edition (Windows 10, Android, IOS), starting from 1.13


1. Download the addon itself. 

2. Open the file

3. Apply behavior and texture packs in map settings


Supported Minecraft versions

1.15 (beta)
1.16 (beta)

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