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Have you always wanted to add a little more fun to your realm/minigames? You can use this airdrop addon! You can use this addon in your survival realm/server, or add it to your minigames!


To call an airdrop, use /function call_airdrop. This will summon an airdrop above your head at y 200. 

Once it lands, it will become a chest in which you can find items in. The items are randomly generated every time. The airdrop entity gets teleported underground and gets destroyed.

The airdrop itself when in mid-air is an entity with the identifier airdrop:chute, meaning you can also summon the airdrop using /summon airdrop:chute, but it will spawn at your current position if coordinates are not specified, and become a chest. It will always turn into a chest when landed. Do not let it appear above y 256, which will cause it to not land.


You can change how the airdrop items are generated by editing the addon. The function which controls looting is located in addonbehaviourfunctionsairdrop_loot.mcfunction. This is run after the entity has landed and has created a chest.

Use it or edit it whichever way you want, but please credit me and put a link to this page.

Experimental gameplay needs to be turned on for this to work.


Supported Minecraft versions


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