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A detailed fan-made Minecraft adventure-Map based on the game ‘Alien Isolation’ by SEGA etc.

Because of true to detailed locations and lighting, ambient sound and tense storyline, this world provides a good recreation of the actual game.

For Minecraft Bedrock edition (like a mobile version of Alien Isolation:)  ) 

Survival/Horror Game – YES, you definitely get heart-beating although it always looks like Minecraft  🙂  and also if you know Alien Isolation already!! 

interesting Playthroug for about 5-9 hours

ONLY the ‘first half’ of the actual game  :))   (until you take the fright lift to Project KG348) 

As best graphics as you can get with 16 x 16 Textures – Because of these Textures and NO MODS were used, you get creepy gameplay in typical Minecraft-style! I don’t really like big changes to Minecraft so there aren’t mods or photo-like graphics.  The only downside – the Alien has a basic figure-model  🙁  but it’s much more reliable, versatile and usable as any alien-mod for bedrock edition!

The ambient sound-pack actually causes 98% of the required storage (~45 MB). If you don’t willing such an downlod-size, you can play without Sound-Texturepack or without ‘Graphic’-Texturepack (~3 MB) . Keep in mind: both Texture packs don’t influence the Minecraft-style as much, but make the map much more ambient.

Play the ‘tutorial’ before starting the campaign, to be able to play again, copy the world after the ‘tutorial’… 

I’m sorry I’ve only build the first half without Project KG348 so far, but I couldn’t acquire the time anymore. I have spend approximately 8 hours a day for 15 weeks… Unhealthy! But rewarding!


If the Website doesn’t do it itself:

1. Unzip .zip ( 

2.move the file into the minecraftWorlds folder📂 (games > com.mojang > minecraftWorlds)

For Questions (installation/copyright/…) please write to:         [email protected]


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