Amplified Horses- Bodyguard Pet (Addon) V1


Amplified Horses improves the Original Minecraft default Horse Behavior By Making Them More Powerful, Stronger, Smarter and Faster!  This Add-on will make Horses a must-have and enhances the overall Minecraft experience. So saddle up!, and explore your worlds faster than ever with your new best friend and protector.

By Explanation Information

Why I Created This Addon: I felt like the Minecraft horses were not being used as much as they should so I gave them a big boost in behavior qualities to make the experience more like actually riding a real horse….Now you really feel the Horse Power and agility of a horse allowing you to zoom through worlds quicker. Now the horse is able to compete with the Minecarts, Elytra wings, Boats and More

What This Addon Features: This Add-on adds many Cool Behaviors to Horses inside of Minecraft Like….   

Makes Them Faster  

Makes their Jump Higher and Stronger  

-Makes them Smarter and more Loyal

Gives Horses a Unique Attacking Ability  to protect You

Horses Follows The Owner  

More Food to Feed Horses  

Makes Horses More Aware of their Surroundings  

And More Coming Soon!  

Images & Description: 

Your Horse follows you if you Tame It!

You can Breed your Horse with Seeds!

Your Horse Protects you when you Tame It!

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Conclusion: I hope you Enjoy this Addon… As I said before this Addon basically Amplifies or Buffs the Horses inside of Minecraft making them your best source of transportation! Comment what Addons you want me to Create Next!

Amplified Horses- Bodyguard Pet V1

Updated Description and Images

Minor Pack Update- Amplified Horses:

– Updated Pack Description & Details


How to Install the .Zip Pack

1. Download the .Zip File 

2. Extract the .Zip File in a File Unzipper (Win-zip, 7zip, WinRAR) 

3. Copy the Extracted File/Folder 

4. Paste the File/Folder into the com.mojang Behavior Pack Folder 

5. Enjoy The Addon!


Supported Minecraft versions

1.15 (beta)

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