AntiGrief (Function’s Pack / Add-On) [v1.14+]


Prevent unwanted visitors from ruining your world. Customize, and toggle different settings easily that suits for your needs. From preventing them from getting TNT, to kicking them out from your world!

created by: r4isen1920

pack version: v2.0

Function Commands

Here are the list of function commands:

  1. /function ag/endcrystal-off prevents End Crystal from being placed or spawned, do the opposite to enable it again.
  2. /function ag/tnt-bolt makes TNT striked by Lightning Bolt, preventing it from exploding and dealing damage to its sorrounding
  3. /function ag/tnt-rocket makes the TNT launch into air. Not recommended to use specially if TNT’s can be fused inside tall buidlings or creation.
  4. /function ag/clearlag makes dropped items disappear to help clear lag
  5. /tag [PLAYER] add ag-moveban bans the player from moving or doing any action while in this state. Use the opposite to unban the player.
  6. /tag [PLAYER] add ag-itemban revokes the player from using certain items that commonly cause griefing to happen. Use to opposite to allow the player once again.

Anti-Grief Features

Kicking Players

This was an intended comming feature to the original Bedrock which has not yet been released. This is the current alternative you can do for now.

Simply aproach a player the interact with them using a Barrier block. Only the world’s host is allowed to use this feature.

Disabling End Crystals

End Crystals are usually found in the end, it may look cool for some decoration, but it can deal violent explosion when accidentally touched for example!

Preventing TNT Explosions

Although TNT is more common, you can make optional changes for how you deal with these TNT’s: you either launch up them through the sky or simply strike lightning bolts into them!

Movement Banning

This feature is designed that prevents persisting players that may keep annoying you! Their name is also listed on the pause screen.

Item Banning

This feature prevents the player from using certain grief items such as TNT, Lava Buckets, Flint & Steel, All Spawn Eggs, and End Crystals!

Clear Lag

Clearlag helps reduce lag in your world be making dropped items despawn at once.

  • Kick Players: you can now kick players in this version. Experimental.
  • Pack icon updated.
  • Added Clearlag function. Read info description above.
  • Optimized Banned states. It is now easy to know and distinguish who’s currently banned.
  • Zero setup required. You can now instantly hop in without needing of any setup! Easy, fast, and more secure.
  • Bug fixes. Some texts neither appear in proper ways, and sometimes some features don’t work – is now fixed!
  • Added Lava Bucket into the item banning lists. Item banning someone also means banning them from having even 1 second to hold the lava bucket in their hand!
  • Setup tweaked for protection. Based on tests, since op-ed players can break command blocks, it is recommended to op players if they are ONLY TRUSTED. With this new setup mechanics, it is instead recommended to setup the function pack in a safe but accessible area!
  • Text tweaks. Fixed some texts, to avoid misunderstanding when using the function pack.
  • Thumbnail update. Updated thumbnail with more detailed representation of the function pack itself.


  • Import from the MCPE DL: Download the app today, and download & import this add-on right away!


Supported Minecraft versions

1.15 (beta)
1.16 (beta)

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