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If you have heard of the ever rising-in popularity minigame “Manhunt” or “speedrunners vs hunters”, you will love this machine! This machine made from command blocks and redstone automates all the boring stuff used in these minigames and gets straight to the point with a couple button presses! It even includes kits for both the speedrunner and the hunters alike!

Its the new craze! Speedrunner vs hunters! Popularized by the fast-growing youtubers  Dream and Georgenotfound!

Mods are hard to implement in bedrock edition, and addons are very limited. but with my very large brain i have managed to bring you this wonderful machine using command blocks and redstone! in other words, its complely vanilla! no extra downloads required!

The machine from above:

(I may have an obsession with the black/red colour scheme)

The starting area:

(Only 1 speedrunner is reccomended, as the machine was not built to support multiple speedrunners and may not funtion properly!

The waiting area (where you get teleported to wait for all players to choose a kit):

Once everybody is in the waiting area and have read the notices, give the button a press (may very occasionally need to be pressed twice because bedrock is a bit buggy with /spreadplayers) and voila! You get teleported somewhere completely random within a 1000 block radius and have 5 minutes of safety before the hunt begins!

You also get helpful tips depending on which side you are on, and an updated countdown telling you how much longer you have before the hunters can attack!

And of course, the hunters get a compass that points to the speedrunners location at all times!

And lastly, messages are broadcast when the speedrunner, wins, loses, and is fighting the ender dragon!

Hope you enjoy playing on this map! It took 1 week to make and i tried my best to make it as fun and intuitive as possible! Have fun!

Fixed a major bug that would end the game when a hunter died.

Updated a few command blocks to work better.

Fixed a bug where text wouldnt appear when the speedrunner is fighting the dragon.


Click the link below to begin installation, i dont use link shortners because they tend to lead to dodgy websites sooo..


Supported Minecraft versions


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