AWS Is Among the Biggest Players in IT — Here’s How to Master the Platform


Industry experts estimate that around 90% of businesses now rely on cloud services, and AWS is one of the biggest players in this sector. If you want to build a career in IT, you really need to know how this platform works. The All-Level AWS Cloud Professional Bootcamp provides the perfect introduction, with 32 hours of video instruction covering over 100 different features and tools. You can pick up the bundle now for just $34.99 at the XDA Developers Depot.

Through six separate courses, this bundle shows you how to work with AWS and pass the official Amazon exams. 

The lineup includes the AWS Solutions Architect Associate, a course that works towards a certificate of the same name. People who pass the exam earn $167,366 on average, and this course provides 17 hours of essential prep.

AWS Cloud Essentials is another important course that helps you master the fundamentals of this platform. It has 60,000 positive reviews from over 240,000 students.

The bundle also includes an AWS Cloud Practitioner Certification Guide for Beginners, plus courses on networking, Node.JS apps, and databases. These skills will serve you well in any technical career.

The training is worth $1,200 in total, but you can get lifetime access now for $35.99.


The All-Level AWS Cloud Professional Bootcamp – $34.99

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