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Basic Machinery v2

Basic Machinery V2 addon adds power wires, a block previously only seen in java mods. There are also completely functional liquid and gas cables, as well as 19 new devices that produce and consume power. This addition should play well with others and can be included in modpacks. Make sure the experimental world settings are turned on and that your Minecraft game language is set to English.

Cre: Vatonage (Youtube, Twitter

Basic Machinery v2 Feaure

If you have any suggestions for machines to include, either leave a comment on the YouTube video or send me a message on Discord (iEmotionless#0001).


New in v2

Some addons Minecraft PE are available in you can check now:

  • Bendy and The Ink Machine Add-on V3.1 (More Furniture, More Morphs)
  • Commander Machine Boss Add-on for Minecraft (1.12.0 only)
ic Machinery V2

Download Basic Machinery v2 (Support Creator) 

Download Basic Machinery v2 (Drive)

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