Changelog v6
Beautiful Foxes already has support for several languages!
languages which are supported below:
BR (Beta)
PT (Beta)
CN (Beta)
JP (Beta)

New Blocks and Foxes
– New Special Fox Statue and Fox Statue vars!

= Statues are crafted by putting a stone or copper block on the stonecutter!

• New entitys: Tails,Fire White Fox,White red Fox and Silver Fox

New Fox Statue vars:

= Sandstone
= Glisted blackstone
= Gravel = Netherrack
= Nether bricks
= Endstone
= Mud
= Coal block

New Special Fox Statue vars

= Glass
= Netherite
= Emerald
= Amethyst

Other new content

New Items: Gold Picker and Iron hammer

• New Outfits: Spring Gatito Hat and Red panda outfit

• New unicodes for Gold picker,Iron Hammer,Tails,Silver Fox,Fire white fox and Red white fox

• When using an item that we add on a statue, it will release some particles and a sound and change color!

• Bug Fixed

= Fixed a bug where one of the foxes would not spawn naturally

= Fixed white fox spawn

= Fixed vanilla fox texture

= Fixed a bug where you couldn’t craft Springatito’s hat and snow fox outfit

= Fixed a bug where a fox spawn icon would have a minecoin or heart icon

= Fixed a bug where red panda armor crafting was incorrect

• New Animations

= Added smoother animation to all foxes in the addon

= An experimental animation was added to the foxes that use the vulpes_fox.geo.json model,what this animation does is add eyelids to the foxes so that they can blink

• Experimental Features

= The fox vulpes and tails are immune when a player tries to hit or throw a projectile, except wolves, lava, trident etc, those if they can hurt the fox vulpes

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