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Bedrock ┊🍁┊❝Autumn Season❞

┊🍁┊❝Autumn Season❞


Autumn Season is coming! And what better way to decorate your Minecraft world with Autumn Season Addon. This addon adds different kinds of decorations related to Autumn, with 2 Filipino references included

This addon introduces 39 blocks to the game, along with survival compatibility so you can decorate your survival world to fit with the upcoming season.

I also included a world sample for you to view the wonderful items (install geometry fix before entering the world).

Autumn Bundle Recipe

Blocks Recipe

Addon Release Trailer


(This is addon is not functional, aesthetic purposes only)        


If the pack won’t import:

  • Please unzip and move the file to it’s appropriate destination 
  • Or Follow a YouTube tutorial tutorial

Experemental and Geometry Fix Pack is essential 

creator: https://twitter.com/AoiSuzukiQwQ  


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