2067 Warfare v0.2 BETA


Hi everyone. It’s me InSaRe again. And this is my new project that you’ve been waiting for so long – 2067 Warfare. I hope that you will like it a lot, because I have been working on it for a long time.

This addon has been in development for several months, but I started showing it publicly relatively recently. For a long time you could see it in old videos – videos, or rather you saw the announcement, and in the tester videos you could also watch it. You probably can’t wait to see what is in this add-on! Let’s not sit for a long time, but rather move on to examining my creation.

In this beta, there are so far 2 close-range weapons, 2 pistols, 2 submachine guns, 3 automatic rifles and 1 machine gun. All weapons have an invented name, because the addon setting is the near future, i.e. technologies are still developing, but weapons practically do not change, only in appearance and some details. There are also night vision glasses, for which I literally created a new interface, just to take the visual component of night vision glasses to a new level, and specifically, to make an overlay not using a model, but using a simple picture created by me.

Combat Knife.

Steel Bat.










Also, in the add-on there are attachments that change the characteristics of weapons, there are also crafts that allow you to get weapons, attachments and other additional things in survival.

Added aluminium ore.

Also, to craft weapons or other items, you need to create special craft tables.

There are also items in the add-on that are not currently used, but they can be obtained both in creative and by crafting in survival. These items are components of different levels, at the development stage they were needed to create perks of different levels, but during development at the very end it was decided to abandon the addition of perks. At the moment, they are useless, but in the future they will be used.

The add-on has animations from the 3rd person, but to optimize the game, only 3 animations are used for each weapon, but each animation has its own values for all weapons.

Attention! Before playing with this add-on, we strongly recommend that you enable experimental gameplay.




How to install the mod and import it to Minecraft?

Step 1:
Install the addon from this server

Step 2:
Then go to your file manager app

Step 3:
Tap / click the Addon you installed and it will automatically imported to your MCPE. Make sure access the Addon file first, next tap and hold a file, when its selected, theres alot of tools would appear a i would recommend you to use “Cut tool”, then go to Android > data > com.mojang.minecraftpe > files > games > com.mojang and select a file, also theres two files in the addon: The behavior pack file and the resources pack file, when you select a behaviour pack file, make sure to go to “Behavior_packs” on “com.mojang” file, and also when you select a resources pack file, then go to “resources_packs” and tap the “move” button to place a file to a file that you want to move.

creator: https://www.twitter.com/MishaAlpha


By aadhu

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