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Bedrock 3 Corrupted Entities Addon

3 Corrupted Entities Addon

Its Finally Here! The Minecraft Creepypasta Corrupted Entities Addon This Addon Features 3 Minecraft Corrupted Legends They will destroy you So you better get some strong armor to defeat them!


Now Let’s Start With This First One!


Hex Is A Minecraft creepypasta that Is weird And He has Steve’s clothes but with a empty face that’s White Like Slender an And He Has 2000 Health And his Weakness Is Too may Withers Killing Him

2.Entity C

Entity C is a Minecraft creepypasta from The Mrhoneybun Minecraft Creepypasta series and he Hunts players In Servers and he has 600 Health Weakness Is Him Burning himself

The last Is Error 404 the 3rd one

Error 404 is a Minecraft creepypasta which his Skin Is pink and black like Texture pack glitch and he Corrputs every Minecraft Players Server He Has 1508 Health Weakness Is Entity C And HEX Killing Him

Here more Screenshots:

creator: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCc1v3t0rJ2JrcraTV59TCTw


One Of them were Glitching so I fixed that glitch


When Pressing the Mediafire Link you will see the Download press It And go to Minecraft and enjoy! 🙂


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