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Bedrock 3D Simplified Gun Addon 1.18.10+

3D Simplified Gun Addon 1.18.10+

Hello guys, today imma show you my improved gun addons. I call it Simplified gun cuz it have simple texture and models. Do you love 3d gun addon but your device are low? Or do you searching about gun that fit minecraft and have low texture? Well this addon is recommended for you..


This addon contains not much gun, since this only a test gun pack addon that will be used for my next project.

Before scrolling down, please watch this first so you will know how the addon looks like. Not long, only 1minute:)

These gun have their ammo.. to reload, you just need to put the right ammo while holding the empty gun on your main hand.

Thats the reload list.. you will know it the name when you try the addon.

  • Simplified G36C

Info : this gun can be zoomed by sneaking but not reduce recoil when shoot, using ar ammo to reload. 

Damage : 8

Bullet : 31 

Category : AR Rifle


  • Simplified Glock

Info : This gun is single shot, but you can change it into full auto every you sneaking. Using Pistol Ammo to reload 

Damage : 5 

Bullet : 12 

Category : Pistol 


Sneak to activate the full auto. 

  • Simplified Aug A3

Info : this gun have more bullet than g36c, you can. Use sight + reduce the recoil by sneaking.

Damage : 8 

Bullet : 40 

Reloaded by :AR ammo

  • Simplified Sniper

Info : This gun deal much damage when shot, it can also “piercing shot” the target 

Bullet : 8 

Damage : 25 


  • Simplified Minigun

Info : This gun have a lots of ammo up to 150bullet, its fit to wipe out many entity. 

Bullet : 150 

Damage : 8 

Ammo : Ammo Box 

  • Simplified Double barreled Shotgun

Info : This gun only have 2 bullet but can shoot spreading bullet, you can use it to face against horde of zombies 

Bullet : 2 

Damage : 15 

Ammo : Shells 

I also add vest for bonuses and weird grenade lol, you can check it after download this. 

Dont forget to activate the experimental gameplay !!

Maybe like this 

Note: This is just a test gun addon that will be used for my next survival addon project called Simple Warfare 2 So this addon is not survival friendly addon.

You can join my discord for more information


Some image are not made by me. There are some render image by JellriseAmrtical Don’t forget to check his channel too


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– Download through linkvertise

– Continue free with ads then skip all article and topic 

– Download both resource pack and behavior pack 

– then tap it to install, its already a mcpack file 

Don’t forget to activate the experiment gameplay before play:)


creator: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCkKNHKuC-jf04wu3wkuS5Bw


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