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Bedrock Abyssal Depths & Heights

Abyssal Depths & Heights


Hop into the more-detailed caves from the Spiky Roofs to the Mid Grassy Caverns all the way down to the Infectious Sculk Veins with more in store for you. Knowing all three cave Biomes generating all together, and some generating replacing the Warm Biomes throughout the world.

Both the Dripstone, and Lush Caves generate together in the caverns, and sometimes the Deep Dark joins in with an Ancient City.

(NEW) Cave Changes

In the initial release, the Lush and Dripstone Cave features were scattered throughout the overworld no matter the terrain spawning exclusive rules, but in this release, the scattered feature was removed and now all the Dripstone features moved to the Lush and all The Lush features moved to the Dripstone as mixed biomes.

(NEW) Surface Caves

The Lush, Dripstone, and Scull Caves have infesting the surface with the Lush Caves infesting the Desert, The Dripstone with the Badlands, and Eroded Badlands, The Deep Dark to the Stony Peaks, and both the Lush and Dripstone mixed at the Wooded Badlands.

An “Intended” Bug

Hey Warden, don’t be mad at me

This add-on has 10 mobs in it and 40+ Blocks making up the caves

Aware Bugs

This add-on was originally going to only be used in a map before deciding to making it an add-on so there are a lot of bugs. Here are some that I am aware of

  • Almost all blocks don’t drop their respective blocks
  • Wardens attack Blind Zombies and Sculk Ravagers
  • Glare and Copper Golems sometimes have a missing texture rendered on (Fixed)
  • Cave fog sometimes render on the surface
  • Glare and Copper Golems are too small (Fixed for Glare, still broken for Cop)
  • Some Blocks render invisible for a few seconds when loading new chunks (Fixed with an render block inside of every block)
  • Sculk and Lush Plants don’t generate
  • Windswept Glowing Sculk don’t generate unlike Windswept Sculk and Glowing Sculk
  • Sculk Blocks make grass noises when placed, walking, and broken (Fixed, also Fixed for Dripstone and Lush Variant Blocks)

The add-on doesn’t require Geo Block Fixer to fully run the add-on since all 3D Block Models are 1:1 or below

New Caves & Blocks

The updated caves has been rewamp which was actually one of the hardest things to code, need a few people to have some blocks generate, new blocks such as Pink, Green, and Blue Flowered Moss Blocks, Liumbin Crystals replacing parts of the Dripstone Spikes, and Glowing and Windswept Sculk replacing parts of the Deep Dark.


Glare & Copper Golem

  • Both were revived from the lost votes during last year’s Mob Vote
  • Both currently has no functionality due to them being in early development

Purple & Green Axolotl

  • One was made up (Purple), one was scraped (Green)
  • Both behave like normal axolotls

Seaweed Squid & Glow Squid

  • Both behave like normal squids
  • Can spawned in the sea from Y 34 to -27
  • Both don’t move in some area of the overworld

Spore Bee

  • Instead of pollinating from flowers, can only pollinate from Azaleas and Lush Flowers
  • Able to call Lush Flower Plateaus its resting place
  • Has a pink moss around it when pollinated

Detailed Zombie

  • Wears pale clothing
  • Slightly faster than normal
  • Drops 15 EXP

Blind Zombie

  • Unable to see yet hear you
  • Summoned near Ancient Cities
  • Spawn in groups of 5 – 12
  • Rarely rides Zombie, and Skeleton Horses

Sculk Ravager

  • Summons rarely when Warden is emerging
  • Works with normal ravagers
  • Moves slowly unless a thread is detected
  • Acts as a gaurdian around the Ancient Cities

Pillager Golem

  • Acts as a warrior for the illagers
  • Deals slightly more damage than Iron Golems
  • Fights Iron Golems
  • Only mob that doesn’t belong in caves




Click on AbyssalDepths.mcaddon, wait for the bar to hit 100%, click on Get Downloads, and click on AbyssalDepths.mcaddon

creator: JoeyTallarock


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