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Bedrock Adha Craft | v2 The Huge Remake

Adha Craft | v2 The Huge Remake


Adha Craft v2 is out with new features & a ton of bug fixes Minecraft 1.18.10 ruined most of the add-ons including AdhaCraft so no huge features but small & exciting ones Have fun. Become the Butcher you always wanted to be!!!!

Hanging Mobs: 

Skinning Mobs: 

Realistic Butching: 

Meat Grinders: 



All these & much more check out GU Official Website for more info  or check out this video

(321) تحميل مود اضحي كرافت V2 ماين كرافت الجوال 1.19 // Adha Craft V2 Addon Minecraft Bedrock 1.19 – YouTube

These are some features from this beta version hope you like the add-on you can send me feedback on the addons discord server down below


Note: If You’re reviewing the add-on, please give credit because it’s hard working on an add-on like this

Warning: Don’t create your own link, only use the original link

Warning: Don’t upload this addon to any other website or program 

Warning: If You are making a video about this add-on, make sure to give credit 

Supported on Minecraft 1.18.10+ Only                


Activate All Experiment Toggles (Except Wild Update toggle) not needed

– Download the add-on

– Import to Minecraft

– Add the add-on to a world

– Install like any other add-on


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