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Dreampixel’s Admin Board is a addon which adds a comprehensive admin gui! it has everything you’ll need to manage your world without having to constantly use commands. With this addon, you can manage your minecraft worlds weather, time, game modes, effects, and much more, all from a simple and easy to use gui!



🔨Admin Board🔨

A comprehensive ui for all your management needs


How to use

You can spawn in the gui by typing in the following command: “/give @s ab:gui”

once, the item is in your inventory you can click it and a ui will popup displaying all its features.

Be sure to enable ALL experimental toggles before using the addon!



Bellow is a list of features that are included with this addon.


Effects! almost every Minecraft effect can be found in this addon, by clicking a button, the effects can be either applied to you or to everyone in your world.


This addon also comes with a teleporting function, click any button to teleport players to you or teleport to them.


In this ui, you can manage your in game, Weather ,time and most gamerules.

✨Misc. options✨

The misc. category contains, various commands, such as kick, kill, clear, etc


❓Frequently asked Questions❓

Can i edit the uis code?

Of course! feel free to edit this addons code for personal uses only.

Will there be future updates?

Yes, i plan on adding some more features to the ui in future updates

The ui is blank?

If your ui is blank, be sure to have all the experimental toggles enabled. if this issue still occurs, feel free to join us on discord and we can help you out.


📱Links and socials📱

💬Need any help, want to suggest a new feature or chat? Join us on discord!💬

Our discord

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Any other websites that distribute this addon without my approval are false and are an act of plagiarizing.



once downloaded it should port directly to mc! also be sure to turn on ALL experimental toggles before using. also be sure to download both the behavior and resource packs!


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