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Bedrock Advanced Machinery Utils

Advanced Machinery Utils

This addon adds utility to advanced machinery and give power more use by adding a way to power your self and soon other tools with rf. There are even upgrades to make to your self for a better minecraft experience 


With this addon you can turn your self into a android and upgrade your self with upgrade chip. You will even be able to power weapons and tools with rf soon.

Here are the items and what they do

The electric heart:

You need to use this to become a andriod

Note:don’t use this with out a charger setup because you need to charge yourself otherwise you will get negative effects from not having enough power

The energy reader this item tells you how much power you have in your electric heart on use

These are the capacity upgrades. They increase how fast you charge and how much rf you can hold

Gold:can hold 200,000rf

Diamond:can hold 500,000rf

Netherite:can hold 1,000,000rf

These are the defence upgrades 

They decrease the amount of damage you take(simple right?)

These are movement upgrades

They increase your speed and your jump hight

These are attack upgrades 

These increase your damage 

These are the food and water upgrade . 

Food upgrade:makes it so you never have to eat again

Water upgrade:gives you the conduit power


Wireless battery 

Charges androids in a radius of 50 using rf from advanced machinery power core

Note:all upgrades makes it so you use more power and all textures and recipes are not final at all and will be changed soon


Changed download link and Changed nothing else other than download links 

creator: Tubs



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