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Bedrock Advanced NPC Turret | Sci-Fi

Advanced NPC Turret | Sci-Fi

Let me introduce you to Advanced NPC Turret Addon.. This is just a simple addon that can be used to increase security on your House, Base, or anything from the Mobs even Players. especially if you play on Minecraft Realms and you need to protect your treasure with the Turrets from this addon.

The Turrets are themed with Sci-Fi Theme because I think that would be Cool.

This is the Video when I’m playing with this addon. If you are confused after reading what I’m saying here. Just watch this Video.

The Turrets in this addon are upgradeable and Each time you upgrade them, they will be stronger. Here is the Specification for the Turrets.


Whenever you try to upgrade the turrets, you need an item called

Turret Upgrade Chip“.

Here is the crafting recipe:





Do you think the materials are too Expensive? Meh..


Just imagine what the benefits if your Home or Base protected with these turrets. Just like i said before you can Set this turret to attack any Mobs and any players in the game.


Here’s the Step to make this addon works without any Errors.


1. Craft 6 Turrets Spawn Eggs & 1 Turret Controllers Egg


2. Place all the turrets where ever you like, but.

Max distance Between the Turrets and Turret Controller is

70 Blocks Away

If you put away more than that, the Controller will not Detect the turrets.

( Only 6 Turrets can be Operate from the Controller )

You can Operate more than 6 but you need to Operate them manually without The turrets Controller.


3. After placing all 6 Turrets, you need to set the Group Number for Each turret.

Example: When you put the first turret, you set the turret as “Turret 1”.

It will make this turret will be known as “Turret 1” in the Controller.

Whenever you want to Operate “Turret 1” only, you just need to Press “Turret 1” Menu in Turrets Controller.


4. Hold right there, the turrets will not work after you set their Group Number. You need to Set their “TARGET”

You can set their Target Directly from the turret, or you can set their target from the Controller.

(The Controller has more Optional Target: Mobs, Monster, Villagers, Undead, Players, ALL)


5. You Just need to Press ON from The Controller or Directly from the Turrets.

Then they will Start Shooting the “Target”


Whenever you try to Upgrade the Turrets.
You can see on the Screen of the Turrets Controller, you will be asked to insert the “Upgrader Chip”.

You need to Hold the “Upgrader Chip” in your Hand and “Interact” with the Turrets Controller. 

Then the turrets will be UPGRADED.

But when the turret is Upgraded, you need to Set Their Group Number and Target Again.


As you can see at above of the Turret

This means the Turret is Damaged.

In This addon whenever your Turrets Health is 0 (Zero), they will not Destroy/Explode.

You just need to Repair Them and they will start shooting again.


As you can see at above of the Turret

This means the Turret doesn’t have any Target & not Included in any Group Number.

Make sure to set their Group Number & their Target before turning them ON.

Compatible with another addon ( This addon not using player.json )

Turn ON Experimental Gameplay Option.

You’re not allowed to Modify and Use the Models & Skins from this addon.





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