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Bedrock Advanced Road Tools V1.0

Advanced Road Tools V1.0

Are you building a beautiful city and want to add a moving traffic light, barriers and some other road and city stuff? Well here you are in the right place.


Of course, you are building a beautiful city and you may think of adding some things to become more realistic. Well, you have added traffic lights that move automatically, a pedestrian signal, some barriers and a moving barrier. They are all blocks and there is no entity. They are all blocks. Below you will find some illustrated explanations and the method of downloading. There will be more additions and updates


How to get in Survival

in creative mode

Comprehensive video

The barrier moves automatically after 5 seconds

Traffic lights and pedestrians change automatically

Some pictures

A very important note: Because of version 1.18.10 the mods do not work and appear in the form of dirt blocks, so it is recommended to use version 1.18 until the error is fixed

You are allowed to put this on your map, but only if you put a link to this page

You are not allowed to put any link of your own or a mediafire link, only the link to this page, otherwise you will force me to report 


There were some bugs and it was fixed and now everything is ready


You must activate the experimental options or it will not work

How to download

creator: Creative Ritas


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