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Bedrock Advanced Storage Network

Advanced Storage Network


Advanced Storage Network adds a machine that can finally fix your chest problem. The Storage Terminal can hold an infinite amount of any items in the game, including all modded items. Finally, all your stuff in one place.



Storage Terminal

Punch to open the terminal menu. Sneak+Punch while holding any item to add it to the terminal. Interact with the terminal to pick it up, it will drop itself and a drive containing all the items (empty terminals will not drop a drive). You can input this drive’s contents into another terminal.


Storage Drive

Storage Drives are dropped when picking up a Storage Terminal with items in it, the drive will hold all the contents of the terminal. Sneak+Punch an empty Storage Terminal while holding a drive to input its contents into the terminal.

Crafting Items

  • Storage Terminal Core – used to craft Storage Terminals
  • Storage Drive Core – used to craft Storage Drives
  • Storage Drive Casing – used to craft Storage Drive Cores
  • Empty Storage Drive – used to craft Storage Terminal Cores


Known Bugs

  • Terminal does not save item durability


REQUIRES 1.18.30+



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