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Bedrock Advanced Survival Rules

Advanced Survival Rules

Bored of just watching your food bar ?Want to travel the world feeling the temperature overwhelming you ?Then this addon is for you !Explore the world paying attention to your temperature, be careful not to get dehydrated !This survival experience is not for beginners but if you are good enough. You may be able to last until your first night…


First, the thirst bar. You will need to keep it sufficiently full if you don’t want to run out of energy and lose your speed…
Indeed if your bar is empty you will be under the effect of permanent slowness.

How to get drinking water ?

First fill an empty bottle to get a water potion.
Then put the potion in the crafting table or hold it in your hand to get drinking water.
Finally, to avoid being affected by a thirst effect, heat the water (in a furnace or on a campfire)

Your temperature meter tells you if you are hot or cold.
In the most extreme cases you will take damage, if you are too hot you will be on fire:

And if you are too cold you will take frost damage:

How to protect yourself from extreme temperatures ?

– Stay close to a campfire or a powerful heat source
– Hold a torch, a lantern, or even a bucket of lava
– Wear a leather outfit
– Stand over ice, snow, or in water
– Use a fire resistance potion

Please note, this addon is a development version of part of a larger addon that I plan to make. The addon lacks some features that will only be added in the final version such as cold and hot outfits or even a better system to transform potions into drinking water.


Please enable experimental gameplay on your world or this addon might not work.

creator: weero_tmd


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