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Bedrock Advanced Table Addon

Advanced Table Addon

This is the first addon that I uploaded so if there are any mistakes please forgive me. This addon works using dialogue. Some UI to make something look like GUI but it is not really GUI. I wanna say thank you to Dakon for help with my problem for this addon. Here are some pictures about the addon.


You must be have 20 levels to use the advanced Table 

I hope everyone enjoy with this addon will updated more for it on feature and if it have any problems tell me in description i will fix it 

Or if you want i make any addon just command it on my YouTube ( Zepi – Sensei )


it also has quite a bit of enchanted but don’t worry i will updated more in feature 

This addon was made by Zepicol ( Zepi – Sensei ) for Hexxit Project

creator: https://www.youtube.com/embed/aTZvPbJr6NA


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