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Advanced Wizardry

Have you ever wanted an Minecraft magic add-on that adds different types of ores, wands, and bosses? Have you ever wanted different spell rarities? Have you ever wanted awesome spell particles? Have you ever wanted Wizard Bosses? If you have ever wanted any of these things then this add-on is perfect for you 


Advanced Wizardry Adds New Types Of Spells, Bosses, Structures And Books 


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This is Beta Release 1

Expect More Coming Soon!


How To Cast Spells

To cast a spell you have to put the spell book in your offhand and use the required wand


Magic Types


Starter Spells Have to be casted by a Starter Wand

(Starter Spells are for more early game, and are more basic)

Advanced Spells Have to be casted by an Advanced Wand

(Advanced Spells are for more later game, Does more damage)


Starter Wand

Can be crafted using 2 sticks and 1 iron ingot, 

Can cast starter spells

Can hold up to 250 mana

Has 4s Cooldown



Advanced Wand

Can be crafted with 2 sticks and a mana block

Can Cast advanced spells

Can Hold up to 780 mana

Has 2s Cooldown



Mana Block

Can be crafted with 9 Mana Crystals

Decoration block

Needed to craft advanced wand




Magical Table

Can Recharge Wands

Can be crafted with 2 gold blocks, 3 Mana Crystals, 2 Mana Blocks, and 1 book


Magical Table Custom UI

Has 2 Slots, 1 Arrow,  1 result slot


How to Recharge your wands with mana crystals  

(using the custom ui)

Required 1 mana crystal and 1 wand for the recipe

Does not work with mana blocks


The Magical Table can also rotate, 

Fits perfectly in your house 


Magical table Showcase Video



Mana Ore 

Drops 1 Mana Crystal

Spawns in stone layers




Deepslate Mana Ore

Drops 1 Mana Crystal

Spawns in deepslate layers





Wizard Tower

Spawns in Plains, Forests, and Flower Forests

Has Double Chest Full Of Random Magical Loot

Mana Wizard Boss Spawns Here



Mana Wizard Boss Fight 



Mana Wizard

Has 4 Different Attacks

Health : 120



All Spells Showcase 

Included Spells,  Water Dash, Dash, Fire Blast, Snow Blast, Unstable Teleport Spell, Water Guard, Fire Guard



changed linkvertise link to only articles 

changed showcase image so it looks less stretched 


Click the Download Link, 


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