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Bedrock Aeon Fantasy V2 Beta

Aeon Fantasy V2 Beta [Final Fantasy Addon]


A Fantasy Addon that based on Final Fantasy Series. This addon have variable mobs that you (maybe) never seen in others addon ,unique taming system, unique crafting ways ,and etc.

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Model, Texture and Animation

Ravemon Gaming

Particle Maker, Coding

LukmanGG Craft





Ifrit Axe now have 3d Model


“Exploda [Volatile Spark]

Is A Thiefsword that provide 8+ damage.


is classified as an enormous broadsword. From tip to handle, it is approximately five to six feet long, with a single-edged large blade approximately one foot wide.


is a longsword terminating in a long hook with a shimmering blue, water-like blade. The grip is wrapped in a brown material, and a red ribbon hangs from the pommel area

Magic Cauldron

New Potion List & Effect

1. Phoenix Down – Revive when die (2x Use)

2. Holy Water – Throw to Damaging Hostile Mobs

3. Eye Drops – Cure Blind

4. Antidote – Cure Poison

5. Elixir – Heal 5 Hearts & Give 100Exp

6. Ether – Give 50exp

7. Hi Ether – Give 100exp

8. Potion – Heal 3 Hearts

9. Hi-Potion – Heal 5 Hearts





The fable surrounding the Catoblepas holds that the great beast once had a second eye that turned all who met its gaze to stone, but when the solitude grew too much to bear, the catoblepas swallowed its own eye, hiding it from the world forevermore.

Drops Eye and Bigbone


the Bomb’s primary method of damage is Self-Destruct, but usually only when its HP is low, or after being hit a certain number of times. Before self-destructing they are prone to biting, ramming, and casting fire magic.

What more scary than creeper??? is a BOMB

Drop Bomb Powder


Siren appears as a woman with animalistic features. In place for blonde hair she has golden bird wings extend from her head. Her body is slightly covered by feathers.

She has Harpa to casting Song Magic

Drops Scales and Fin

Spawn in Ocean


specializes in the art of Black Magic, with her Sphere Grid giving her access to many offensive spells, and her Overdrive, Fury, allows her to cast many Black Magic spells rapidly. She commands various dolls to attack and help her cast spells.

She Mastering 4 Magic

Drain, Demi, Ultima, Flare



Is a Large avian creatures, chocobos roughly act as the Final Fantasy equivalent of horses, being domesticated for use as mounts, for pulling carts and carriages and for racing.

Riding it if you want tame, and use saddle.


A large, two-horned herbivore commonly found around world. Using their sturdy legs to support them, they charge at enemies with their entire body weight, use their horn to throw rock and Can manipulated their horn. Their rough, armor-like skin protects them from both hunters and the heat.

Have 4 Species 

-DarkHorn Spawn only at Night

-BloodHorn Spawn in Mesa Biome

-BlackHorn Spawn in Plains

-GrandHorn Spawn in Snow/Frozen Biome

Skill :

They can throw block to attack enemy and also charge up enemy with their horn when enemy close to them

Drops Hide,Horns and Meat(Cooked)


Iron Giant 

“Though it looks to be a giant encased in armor, the Iron Giant is in fact a machine made with lost technology. With its great blade it wreaks havoc upon all within range and no one living knows why it fights…”



Have 4 variants and mastering 4 magics





Vivi will be NPC that provide you various quest, if you finish the quest you can get reward. Vivi will protect Villager & Village.


“Diablos (Diabolos) is one of the five terrestrial Avatars, alongside Carbuncle, Fenrir, Phoenix, and Bahamut. He is the ruler and creator of the dreamworld known as Dynamis”

Health : 550

Skill :

  • Melee : Tail Attack
  • Bring to Death : Catch enemy and bring it midair then drop it
  • TeleBats : When being attacked sometimes Diablos will become bats and teleport near you
  • DeadBats : When Diablos dead he will explode and become a ton of Bats
  • Dark Messager : Diablos absorb dark energy into dark ball then throw it


Natural Spawn in Nether (will add structure in future update)
When fighting Diablos and he fly too high you can hit him with Bow/Crossbow  so Diablos will teleport back to ground

  • DeadBats Animation
  • Diablos Drop Items
  • Craftable Items


For Crafting Wing, you need 18 broken wings.

Repair Broken wing using Forging Anvil & Iron Hammer

Places 2 broken wings level 0 ,than hit with iron hammer until repaired. Repeat 

Level 0+0= 1, Level 1+1=2……. Maks level 4


“Carbuncle is one of the five terrestrial Avatars. Associated with rainbows and a strange gem called Carbuncle’s Ruby. Carbancle can giving Buff or Heal to Player.”

Health : 60

Skill :

  • Diamond Light : Giving buff to Player when Player got hurt by something (Lava, cactus or from Hostile Mob)

Carbuncle Spawn in cave near diamond, they really like diamond and will getting close to you when you bring diamond.

You can also use the diamond for taming them.
Carbuncle love to bring items in back, actually what they bring is Gift to you.


“Ifrit is a fire-elemental Aeon, demonic-looking beast. He has a reddish brown complexion with light orange hair, and a bulky appearance. He always appears hunchback.”

Health : 500

Skill :

  • Melee Attack : Claw
  • Ground Slam : Ifrit Slam Ground make a circle of flames and knockback the enemy
  • Hellfire : Ifrit Jump and Throw Meteor to Enemy

Natural Spawn in Mesa Biome

  • Ifrit Drops Items
  • Craftable items
  • We Called Summoning instead of Taming for Ifrit.

You Must Place 4 Magma Block a cross and 1 Gold Block in the middle, then Interact Gold Block with Ifrit’s Soul.
Soul will Going midair with flame then you can give soul with diamond.
Ifrit Summoned as Yours Now!

Note : Dont Break ritual block when Soul in Midair, or Ifrit will Summoned as enemy again

creator: youtu.be/A5N1E_L82IM

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