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Bedrock Aesthetic Boats

Aesthetic Boats [1.16+]

Aesthetic Boats is a texture pack that changes boat models and makes them more beautiful and pleasing, and adds interior details and custom flags for them.Originally created for Java, but now available for Bedrock Edition!


Created by Hakksg

Original Java post:  https://www.planetminecraft.com/aesthetic-boats

Ported by Voxed



= Proof of permission =

creator: https://twitter.com/VoxedStudio

  • Added new Bedrock edition images in post description. . .


  • Going through linkvertise is very simple, just click on “free access with ads” and then complete the steps. When you finish the steps, you will be taken to mediafire.
  • If you record a video of this addon, leave a link in the description that brings you here. Do not place direct links or place shorteners on top of the link.
  • Do not distribute unfairly or without my permission.

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