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Bedrock Air Supplies | By S94874

Air Supplies | By S94874

This addon generates drops with enough equipment to survive one more day in Minecraft and help you if you have mods that add difficulty to the game, so you can give a little more battle Use the shortener to support the creator


The drops can appear in any biome and at any time, they have a 50% probability that they will appear, in these drops you will always find:

  • Sword of: wood, stone, iron, gold and diamond.
  • Food from: Cooked meat, raw meat, zombie meat, golden apples, regular apples and bread.
  • Iron Armor.
  • Arches with and without enchantments.
  • Arrows for: Instant Health, Instant Damage, Poison, Wither, and Slow.




creator: https://twitter.com/@S94874


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