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Bedrock Alien Expansion Beta

Alien Expansion Beta


Hey everyone, I’ve been working on this addon for I believe more than year now, I’ve always been a deep fan of the alien franchise and feel as of though I should release the current beta into the public so that everyone can finally see all the work I’ve put into this This addon was created by Me and my friends Shinimatakun and Exploding Creeper 

This addon adds in tons of new alien creatures to play with from the classic Alien franchise 

The Big chap life cycle

Xenomorphs come in all shapes and sizes, this is the big chap cycle from the original Alien 


Colonial Marine Xenomorphs

These are the new Xenomorphs introduced in Alien Colonial Marines, it includes the Lurker, boiler, spitter, crusher, and the raven 

The Pathogen Creatures

First introduced in Alien: fireteam elite and it’s prequel novel, these are some of the few non-xeno creatures in the franchise 


The Deacon Shark and Deacon Monkey

These two are another example of non-xeno creatures that made their first and so far only appearance in the Fire and Stone comics 

The Prowler and Burster

These appear in the same game as the pathogen creatures and are new forms of the runner 


The Predalien

The Predalien is of course the hybrid of the Predator and The Xenomorph, it’s one of the stronger ones in the films and is no different in this addon

 This is only few of all the aliens you can encounter in this beautiful addon, once again this is just a beta that I thought should get out into the community to show off my hard work over the past few months, thank you for playing

creator: Xenodev

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