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This addon makes Minecraft more into the style of Minecraft Dungeons. The way i am implementing content for this addon is different to how you may expect, instead of directly porting stuff from Dungeons, i try to blend the features into the vanilla style, meaning this addon should be 100% Survival friendly and compatible with other addons

The Content Stuff :

So far, this addon mostly focuses on mobs, but i will add more in future updates, as for now, here is what you can find


Necromancer :

A new undead hostile mob that spawns throughout the overworld, when it spots a player it uses its glowing staff to summon a horde of zombies to attack, it will also fire energy projectiles at its enemies.

they are not a very common monster, but have a lot of health, so be careful when exploring caves and at night.


The wraith is a hostile undead mob you can find both in the overworld and in the nether (soul sand valley)


When it spots a player it will produce burning flames around them, make sure you bring a fire resistance potion if you are fighting a wraith!

Wraiths are also able to teleport away from their foes if they get close, so i recommend a bow to take them down.


The iceologer is a mob you probably know for loosing a mob vote to the infamous glow squids, but it has returned! when in snowy areas of the overworld you can find these illagers walking about in the night.

When an iceologer spots a target, it will wave its hands in the air, summoning a chunk of ice above it’s foe, this ice promptly falls down, crushing the target and dealing a lot of damage.

Redstone Golem

This powerful boss monster is the strongest in the addon, boasting an impressive 200 hearts of health and a powerful slam attack, it’s best you avoid it if you are lucky (or unlucky) enough to see one in the wild

When approached the redstone golem attacks by slamming its hands onto its target, it may also charge them into the ground, creating a ring of primed explosive mines.

When killed, it drops its head, along side a lot of iron and redstone, is that really worth it? yeah, probably


More Mob Related Stuff :

Icy Creeper

When a creeper spawns in a snowy area, it will have snowflakes forming around its body, when it explodes it will hurt a bit less but also inflict slowness on those nearby

Mossy Skeleton

When a skeleton is spawned in a jungle, it will have become a mossy skeleton, these variants of skeletons use poisoned arrows to attack

Drowned Hunter & Elite

Drowned that spawn may become a drowned hunter, a stronger variant, and even less often become a drowned elite, a stronger version of the hunter.

Enchanted Mobs

When a hostile mob spawns, it has a low chance of being enchanted, each enchanted mob type has 1 of 3 enchantments (the 3 possible enchantments differ per species)

Enchanted Mobs have the added factor of more health, attack power and dropped experience, aswell as being a bit bigger.

Vanilla Mobs :

Some vanilla mobs have changed too!

Creepers Now explode a bit faster, and get closer to you aswell, they also look different, as do other mobs.

Piglin Brutes Now have a unique zombified counterpart

Wither Skeletons now have a chance to wield a bow

Spiders now shoot webs at players who try to run.

Slimes can spawn in jungles

Hoglins are smaller with less health, but now fling players into the air when they attack


Endermen & Evokers are both considered boss mobs, meaning endermen are less common, and both mobs have a lot more health, but when defeated will grant a lot more exp.

Cave Spiders now spawn underground below Y=20

And more!

Credits :

Outside of the necromancer, all mob textures were obtained from the dungeons game itself, huge thanks to EmptyCoso for giving me some of them, like the wraith.

Join my discord for more info on what is coming next :


Version 1.0.0

• Iceologer

• Wraith

• Necromancer

• Redstone Golem

• Enchanted Mobs

And more!


All you need is to enable Holiday Creator Features

creator: Alylica



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