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Bedrock Among Us Crewmate and Imposter

Among Us Crewmate and Imposter

2 versions of crewmates spawn in the wild! Can you figure out which is the Imposter? Eliminate the wrong crewmate and you will be punished. Defeat the Imposter and you will rewarded.


This is a small addon that places 2 entities in the overworld of Minecraft. One is the crewmate and the other is the imposter. Both look identical and at first glance, act the same as well. The main difference is that the imposter, when close enough can attack the player, villagers, and other crewmates. If you can spot and defeat the imposter, they will guarantee drop a stone sword and a chance for golden carrots. If you accidentally kill the wrong crewmate, you will receive nothing good and get bad omen. Making you not chase after every crewmate you see hoping for a small reward.

Imposters will not make it very obvious that they are going to attack. You’ll have to be within a few blocks for them to want to attempt to kill you or other entities. EVEN then, sometimes they will not attack the first opportunity they get, as a tactic to throw the player off. Be cautious as the imposter can deal a lot of damage, taking you out quickly if you don’t react in time if caught off guard.

Both crewmates and imposters share the amount of HP by 20, making them easy to kill quickly. A crewmate can attack anyone who attacks them first in self defense, however it should be noted they do not deal a lot of damage unlike the imposters. If you see two “crewmates” fighting and one goes down, chances are the surving one could be the imposter. You can also spot the imposter if you are around a village and notice a “crewmate” attacking a villager. Another thing to note is that imposters can break down doors while a normal crewmate can’t. Use these tips to help determine the imposter.

creator: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC9apLvSGN7T4OiWgRnwhbFg


  1. Download the file from the link
  2. Run the .mcaddon file into Minecraft
  3. When creating or changing your game world settings, be sure to turn “Holiday Creator Features” on in experiments.

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