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Bedrock Angry Little People

Angry Little People

This addon is just for fun. It adds one mob to your world with a few different variants.  They are small, fast, dangerous, and they are EVERYWHERE.  Goodluck surviving with these little maniacs coming for you!


There isn’t too much to write about this addon.  It’s does what it says – adds a lot of angry, little people to your world.  They are pretty dangerous – 2 punches with no armor will take you out.  And they spawn EVERYWHERE and very often, so look out.

* This addon is compatible with other addons and does not require experimental features.

** I make these addons available for free and without an ad-wall (linkvertise, adfly, etc).  If you enjoy the addons, please consider visiting my YouTube channel by clicking on the video above and liking and/or subscribing.  That would be greatly appreciated.



Download the .mcaddon file

Click to install

creator: TheMCD912

That’s it!  Enjoy.


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